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Create your own custom event and sell tickets online

ROLLER is your one-stop- shop event platform. From huge live music festivals with thousands of attendees to small private soirees, ROLLER supports them all. Get your event online, running and promoted in minutes, scroll to see how ROLLER can help make your event killer.

Events Brand

Keep your customers on your event branded site

Don’t use other event tools that pull your customers away from your site to purchase tickets; this is proven to decrease sales! The ROLLER ticketing module is fully embedded into your website and custom designed to suit your brand. This ensures guests can easily get tickets and you can keep your event as the focus to increase sales.

See a live customer


Sell more than just tickets

ROLLER lets your customers pay for multiple ticket types; additional purchases (like a bottle of wine), merchandise and use discount codes for VIPs all in the one place. Make your ticketing experience an easy one; scan tickets straight from your customers’ mobile phones, printed tickets or simply look-up a guest name!

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Events Upsell

Events Promote


Promote your event and grab the attention of new patrons

Promote your event and guarantee attendance. Share your custom page URL via your socials and use our drag and drop ROLLER marketing mail module to create a wicked email to promote your party far and wide. Every time someone buys a ticket, you can incentivise them to get their friends to buy as well and gain a reward. Let your customers do the marketing for you!

Events Fast Funds


Get your funds – fast

ROLLER offers ‘same day settlement’ with Braintree, our payment supplier, so you receive your funds as soon as people purchase their tickets. You can also track your sales, manage any refunds and receive your funds quickly and easily all in one place.


Mobile guest list

Download our new guest list app and make clipboards a thing of the past.

The mobile guest list app is available on any device (no need for extra hardware) allowing easy ticket validation from anywhere.

You can avoid messy manual processes and have customer information on hand, allowing your door staff to interact personally with everyone who attends your event.

This technology gives you real-time visibility about who is walking in the door straight from your phone.

Events Mobile Guest List

local_activitySecret ticketing

Create hidden events and sell special tickets exclusively to your VIPs

searchName look-up

No more forgotten tickets, simply search and swipe


In-depth, easy-to-access live reporting. Know what is going on so you can take action

format_align_justifyCapture forms

Before you’ve even finalised your event, we’ll get you setup with a form to capture people’s interest so you can follow them up later