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How Innoflate & Pinz Bowling Group Increased Revenue Per Guest By 15%

The Innoflate and Pinz Bowling Group operate five inflatable play centers and one ten-pin bowling center in the United Kingdom. ROLLER’s venue management platform has helped them achieve significant revenue growth in recent years, enabling the company to expand their presence across the UK – they plan to open four new venues in the next 12 months.

Switching to ROLLER is 100% the best thing we've done for our business. It's a no-brainer - there's nothing else on the market like ROLLER.
Ross Anderson
Managing Director, Innoflate & Pinz Bowling Group

The group moved to ROLLER from their previous provider because they needed a reliable, cost-effective platform to help them scale and expand. Their previous system was complex, caused issues with overbooking and was time-consuming for staff to manage, especially for party bookings. They were losing revenue due to failed payment transactions and errors displaying during the booking process. Plus, there was not a responsive or caring support team to assist them when issues occurred.

Ross Anderson, Managing Director of Innoflate and Pinz Bowling Group says that moving across is “100% the best thing we’ve done for our business”. He highly recommends ROLLER to other bowling and play centers. “For me, it’s a no-brainer," says Ross. “I don’t think there’s anything else on the market like ROLLER.”

Increasing guest spend

Ross has seen a significant boost in revenue since moving to ROLLER. Pinz Bowling previously only took bookings over the phone, which limited bookings during peak times. “We’re now taking in more revenue at the weekend because people can book online,” says Ross. 

The group’s most important success metric is average spend per guest, which has increased from £13 to over £15 since moving to ROLLER – a 15% uplift. This is due to increased spending through ROLLER’s modern online checkout, allowing guests to easily purchase add-ons with their bookings, such as simple things like cakes or party bags.

Guests are also spending more during their visit. Food and beverage sales are a critical revenue source at Pinz Bowling. With ROLLER, they’ve increased revenue per guest and reduced pressure on staff by eliminating the need to queue at multiple counters. Wait staff use ROLLER’s point of sale and integrated payments technology to take table orders, allowing guests to order from any of their three food and beverage outlets and relax while they wait for their order to arrive. “That’s made a huge difference to getting average spend up,” says Ross. 

Reducing operational costs

ROLLER’s reliable, easy-to-use platform has also lowered operating costs for Innoflate and Pinz Bowling Group. Staff training time frames have decreased, allowing team members to focus on the guest. “The previous booking system used to stress me out and take up my whole day,” says Ross. “Now I can very easily train somebody to do it for me.”

Staff have also saved time with ROLLER’s 24/7 global support, as they no longer need to spend time trying to get in touch with support. “I have that support from ROLLER – even if it’s 11 o’clock at night, I can send a request off to the help desk and get an answer back,” says Ross.

ROLLER’s capacity management tools also help Pinz manage staffing efficiently to eliminate bottlenecks at the venue. They can accurately budget for staff based on bookings for the bowling lanes, restaurant, and play area. “We don’t have any problems with overbooking. ROLLER helps us with staffing because we know how many people are going to turn up at a given time and we can manage the flow of people,” says Ross.

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