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ROLLER is the trusted partner for attractions venues around the world. Click on any of the logos below to see how our modern platform is helping our customers increase their sales and streamline their operations.
“We’ve seen about a 25% increase in sales from our online checkout since moving to ROLLER. The ROLLER platform is more professional, easier to use, and helps us to sell more party bookings and gift cards.”
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“We’re getting a lot of online bookings and are making money while we sleep. We get an extra $600-$700 per day from online bookings, and we don’t have to chase up bookings, all of it is straightforward, and guests can book themselves online.”
"It used to take about a day and a half of our accountant's week to get all the reporting done and now it's done in one or two hours. There are very few things that ROLLER hasn't saved us money on."
"We’re not a small business anymore but we’re not a big enterprise either. But we want a system that can grow with us, but also be simple enough for where we’re at now.”
"There were a whole bunch of 'aha' moments, probably because ROLLER are much more mature in this market than I was as a buyer. You solve all these problems I didn't even know existed."