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Urban Planet Jump sees a 25% increase in sales after moving to ROLLER

Urban Planet Jump increases sales 25% with ROLLER

Urban Planet Jump is a multi-unit trampoline park operator with 14 locations across Spain. They offer various attractions, including dodgeball attack, ninja planet, gladiator battle, bubble football, and many more. The business provides multiple ticket options, including 60-minute, 90-minute, and 120-minute jump times, along with gift cards, birthday parties, and a variety of specials.

Increased sales at a critical time

Urban Planet Jump was forced to close six venues throughout the pandemic. Thankfully, the remaining venues have been able to remain strong due to their implementation of ROLLER's trampoline park software. Antonio Sañudo, Head of Marketing for Urban Planet Jump, shares their benefits since making the switch. “We’ve seen about a 25% increase in sales from our online checkout since moving to ROLLER. The ROLLER platform is more professional, easier to use, and helps us to sell more party bookings and gift cards.” The improvement in sales has become particularly important to minimize the negative effects of the pandemic around their busiest time of year, the holiday season, which saw lower attendance at the end of 2021 than in previous years.

Improved operations and staff experience

Not only did Urban Planet Jump see improvements in their sales, but they also benefitted from operational efficiencies. Before moving to ROLLER, Urban Planet Jump's staff members found it difficult to use the previous software; struggling to sell tickets and manage consequent capacity for both online and in-venue sales.

Fortunately, this is no longer a concern. “Our staff’s experience with point of sale, attendance, and capacity management across different areas of our venue and purchasing avenues is also much better. We no longer have to try and manually manage capacity from both POS and online bookings because everything is integrated and done automatically” – says Antonio. This operational improvement was also seen across waivers, with staff saving time verifying waivers when guests arrive, and improving the guest experience – something that was a large friction point prior to making the switch.

An unforeseen benefit Urban Planet Jump gained, was access to data and insights that were previously unavailable. Antonio notes, “ROLLER helped our understanding of our business, giving us insights into attendance, product performance, our customers, and marketing performance.”

Ongoing support

Antonio also mentions the ease of communicating with the ROLLER team, especially given the agile with the products they sell and how they run their business. “Anything we need, they always answer very, very quickly, which is awesome and great, but it's true that the staff is going to call you if you need to solve issues quickly.” When your business is moving quickly, the relationship with your critical software partners is of utmost importance. Urban Planet Jump has benefited tremendously from their relationship with ROLLER, particularly the individuals they interact with frequently.

By switching to ROLLER, Urban Planet Jump has increased its attendance and revenue, enhanced its efficiency, and leveraged powerful data to make regular enhancements to the business.

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