value #1

Obsess over customer success

We put the customer first in everything we do.

To truly align with our customers, we listen intently, we empathise deeply, and we go above and beyond for them, to give us both the best possible chance of success.

value #2

Keep it real

We are genuine. We are open. We call it how it is,  no sugar coating. We are candid with each other, at all times.

When we have something nice to say, we say it! AND when we have something constructive to say, we say it too!

value #3

Make it happen

We are energetic, focused, and results driven, in pursuit of achieving greatness. Our willingness to go above and beyond for each other, and for our customers, runs deep in our veins.


value #4

Go together

We go out of our way to teach others and improve knowledge across the board. By educating others, we then give ourselves an opportunity to take on new challenges to progress the team even further.

value #5

Raise the bar

We understand that small improvements made regularly, lead to monumental improvements over time.
We have very high standards. We expect the very best from ourselves, and from each other.


value #6

Shake the tree

We do things differently and are brave enough to try new things to figure out what works and what doesn't.

If we use our collective creativity and curiosity, we will pave our own path to achieving greatness.

value #7

Eat the frog

We prioritize things that, despite being difficult and sometimes unpleasant, must be done. That includes having hard conversations, seeking solutions to issues and actioning them immediately.

value #8

Play the infinite game

We aren’t here to ‘win’, or to ‘beat’ others. We are here to build a business that stands the test of time.

value #9

Live the dream

Throughout our lifetime, we will spend a significant amount of time at 'work'. That's why being happy and finding lasting fulfillment at work, is so important.