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How ROLLER Is Helping Altitude Scale Their Franchise Locations to Save Operators Time

Altitude Trampoline Parks provide family-friendly exercise and entertainment for guests of all ages. With close to 100 parks and a growing presence in the United States, South America, and Europe, it strives to be the global leader in active indoor entertainment.

ROLLER spoke to Philip Shoffner, VP of Internal Operations of a leading multi-venue franchise at Altitude, about his decision to use ROLLER’s intuitive, cloud-based platform. Philip decided to switch the six parks that he operates to ROLLER to scale efficiently, save his team time, and increase revenue.

ROLLER's HQ account is one of the biggest benefits for multi-location parks moving to ROLLER. It saves so much time creating and editing products across locations and ensures guests have a consistent experience with our brand.
Philip Shoffner
VP of Internal Operations, Alpha Group

Efficiency at scale for multi-location venues

Philip’s parks use a centralized HQ account for consistency in their product catalog across franchise locations. Core products are set up and shared with each venue, eliminating the need to create and edit products across locations independently and ensuring guests have a consistent experience with the brand, regardless of which location they visit.

Philip says that his parks have avoided unnecessary duplication across venues by using an HQ account. “We're not having to re-create all of the products that have already been created.” 

He says that this reduction in his parks' set-up time is going to be one of the biggest benefits for new Altitude parks moving across to ROLLER. “It’s going to be a huge plus for parks coming on.”

Industry-leading simplicity

ROLLER’s cloud-based solution is less expensive to maintain than traditional server-based solutions but helps multi-venue businesses create a simpler, more approachable experience for guests and staff alike. Philip says that staff training time frames have reduced as a result.

Plus, it’s quick and easy for Philip to access ROLLER systems from anywhere to make changes on the go, no matter where he is. “I can be on an airplane wifi and log in - it's just that simple."

Advice for franchises

Our advice for any franchises considering a move to ROLLER? Don’t hesitate to switch, and reach out to other venues using ROLLER to hear the benefits firsthand. Philip’s parks didn’t require any downtime for the transition, and he’s already seen the payoff through new member growth, a reduction in staff training costs, and an increase in time saved for his guests.

Regular updates from ROLLER made the transition much smoother - from quick responses from ROLLER’s support and onboarding teams to videos and articles to help leading family focused venues get the most out of the platform to monthly newsletters with the latest product updates.

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