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Jago Town Reduces Admin Labor Costs By 40% After Switching To ROLLER

Jago Town is an indoor playcenter in Hamilton, New Zealand that offers a range of thrilling attractions for kids, such as rock climbing, jungle adventures, and play equipment.

Jago Town opened in late 2020 amidst COVID restrictions and challenging economic conditions. They initially used separate software systems to manage point of sale, ticketing, and memberships. Anson Li, Founder and Owner of Jago Town, wanted to move to an all-in-one venue management system to streamline operations and reduce operating costs, and discovered ROLLER after researching solutions used by similar playcenters in the area.

Now Jago Town uses ROLLER to manage day-to-day operations, sell tickets, memberships, and gift cards online, manage party bookings, and run the cafe POS.

Consolidating systems in an all-in-one platform

When Jago Town opened, Anson was frustrated by how time-consuming it was to work across multiple disconnected systems. “I had to use different systems for POS and bookings. It was difficult not having the connection between in-store and online systems.”

At the time, they were piecing together three systems: WooCommerce for online ticketing, Debit Success to bill their members, and an in-house POS system operated by the catering company managing their cafe.

Jago Town lost revenue because these platforms couldn’t accommodate their product offering. They couldn’t accurately manage capacity for party bookings, and guests could take advantage of their manual ticket redemption process. “Someone could buy a ticket online and show us that ticket, but we didn’t know if they had used that ticket one time or 20 times,” says Anson.

ROLLER’s industry-leading all-in-one solution was the cure for these operational headaches. 

ROLLER is very simple, straightforward, and easy to use. No one else in the market provides all the facilities that ROLLER does.
Anson Li
Founder and Owner, Jago Town

Cost savings in a tough economy

In addition to streamlining operations, ROLLER reduced Jago Town's labor costs. Time is a precious resource for small businesses, and it’s more critical than ever for Jago Town in challenging economic conditions. "The economy is so slow at the moment," says Anson, "Time is money."

Jago Town has saved the equivalent of two full-time admin staff since switching to ROLLER, cutting administrative time by 40%, from 250 to 150 hours. 

I’m saving 100 hours per week with ROLLER.
Anson Li
Founder and Owner, Jago Town

Anson attributes these savings to a few key improvements that Jago Town has made with ROLLER:

  • System consolidation: Replacing three systems with a single, all-in-one solution
  • Online checkout: Prompting guests to book online if they make inquiries over the phone or via Facebook
  • Staff onboarding: Reduction in training timeframes for new staff
  • Booking management: Casual staff can now easily manage bookings themselves, without supervision
  • Group bookings: Simplification of the party booking process

Streamlining party bookings

For playcenters like Jago Town, parties are a critical component of revenue. However, managing party bookings can be time-consuming and manual, resulting in costly errors that negatively impact revenue and the guest experience.

Jago Town previously had issues with overbooking party groups, as WooCommerce didn’t give them an accurate view of capacity. With ROLLER’s simple capacity management solution, Jago Town no longer needs to worry about double-booked groups, as they can seamlessly manage simultaneous bookings and allocate guests to the correct party room.

Thanks to ROLLER’s online checkout, guests can easily submit food and beverage orders when booking a party online. Before this, Jago Town relied on handwritten notes to capture food and beverage orders, which would sometimes get missed and disrupt the fun for guests when they didn’t receive their orders. “In the past, we’d take money from the guest and forget to put it on the system. Now it’s on the checkout page, which saves a lot of errors,” says Anson.

Anson says he would recommend ROLLER to other playcenters – it’s a worthy investment based on the time savings he’s experienced. Moving forward, he plans to leverage ROLLER’s platform to expand Jago Town’s attractions so they can continue to provide a great guest experience.

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