Efficiently Manage Multiple Venues with a Centralized HQ Account: Boosting Productivity and Growth

Save time managing multiple venues

A centralized HQ account allows you to effortlessly maintain your venues while ensuring the consistency of your brand. That saves you time from making changes across all locations independently and eliminates the risk of manual errors in the process.  

Manage multiple venues at the same time


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Product catalog

Share your product catalog with ease

There’s no need to manually recreate products for each individual venue; with Product Permissions and Bulk Updates, you can simply create and edit products from a single HQ account and choose which items should be available at each venue. 

PLUS you can apply tags to venues for easier product catalog management, thanks to Tag Manager.

Manage multiple venues at the same time (2)
Permissions & settings

Create a consistent look and feel

Maintain a uniform look and feel across your brand by choosing which product fields can be adjusted by individual venues. 

Controllable settings include branding, prices, package variations, session ticket settings and more!

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Intuitive design and modern interface. ”

We recommend ROLLER due to its unrivalled ability to service our locations, with an easy-to-use, yet powerful, cloud-based platform.

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Easy-to-use venue management
Reporting Category & GL Management

Easy-to-use venue management

Run high-level reporting, apply consistent reporting settings and GL codes all within the HQ Venue. 

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Staff Management

Create greater flexibility across staff accounts

Ensure you’re granting the correct permission levels to each staff member by creating staff accounts directly in the HQ Venue platform itself. 

From here, you can also select predefined roles or create custom roles from a list of user permissions simply by checking a few boxes. Plus, decide which venue/s each user has access to for even greater access.

Youre in complete control!
Booking management

You're in complete control!

Get the full picture of your availability across the day, week, and month. Create views that allow you to segment larger bookings from general ticket holders, and ensure your team is always on the same page!

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