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Simplify your amusement park operations & create unforgettable experiences

The all-in-one cloud-based platform, helping forward thinking Amusement Parks and Attractions utilise modern technology, and evolve out of on-premise legacy systems, to deliver a superior guest experience.

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onsite servers

Legacy, server-based systems, are holding you back...

There was a time when on-premise solutions were the way to go. However, that time is quickly becoming a distant memory, thanks to the cloud. If you have a server - you are holding on to a dying technology. And the longer you hold on to that, the more you are holding your business back from realising its full potential ...

cloud based pos

It's time to move to the cloud

Being cloud-based is now the standard of any modern technology business. It’s faster, more flexible, more accessible, more secure (yes, you heard right!), and more scalable.

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Typically with Enterprise software, you need to choose between powerful OR easy to use. ROLLER achieves both. ”

We recommend ROLLER due to its unrivalled ability to service our locations, with an easy-to-use, yet powerful, cloud-based platform.

Greg Clore - CTIO

Circus Trix & Sky Zone

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circus trix skyzone
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We have drastically increased web sales which has created a degree of automation to our business. ”

This has been critical in developing our web strategy over the past 3 years.

Max Irvine

Currumbin Wildlife Park

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Features that transform the park experience.

These are just some of the solutions you’ll likely need to run your business, and do so efficiently and effectively, to set yourself up for success.

ticketing software
Ticketing Software

Manage admissions at scale, with speed

Our platform is built to make the booking experience for your guests, and the back-end capacity management processes, simple, powerful, and rock solid. We focus on helping you remove any bottlenecks in the entry process, and getting more smiling faces through your doors, faster.

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party booking software
Parties and Corporate Group bookings

Show them the time of their lives!

Birthday parties, corporate bookings, and larger groups are a critical part of your business. The online booking experience, the arrival check-in flow, and of course their time in your park, all need to be seamless and enjoyable. We help you deliver just that.

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memberships recurring billing
Memberships and Season Passes

The holy grail … recurring revenue and repeat visitation

Create your own custom-designed membership programs and season passes, and allow your guests to sign up for ongoing benefits and discounts, whilst capturing their payment details for automated monthly, or yearly, billing.

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check in
Cloud Based Point Of Sale

Serve guests fast with an efficient point-of-sale system

The process of selling at the point of sale, and checking in guests, needs to be lightning fast. We focus on reducing clicks, so you can focus on the guest. Whether you have a large merchandise product list, or multiple food and beverage outlets, we’ve got you covered.

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