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Top 6 Software Features For Location-Based Venues During COVID-19

Over the last six months, the ROLLER team have been working hard to deliver content to help our clients adapt and get ready for reopening. Helping our clients through this process has been rewarding and incredibly insightful, hence we’d like to share our top 6 ROLLER features that are currently helping leisure and entertainment venues operate successfully during Covid-19.

Capacity Management

Now more than ever it’s crucial to be able to track your capacity – and to be able to adapt easily as conditions change. For entertainment and leisure venues who already offer session passes, many are now implementing new schedules, new capacities and new processes onsite so that they can run safely and in accordance with government guidelines.

Meanwhile many venues who previously ran day passes with flexible arrival times are now splitting their day into various sessions in order to better adapt their entry flow and ensure shorter lines and spacing onsite.   

Capacity decisions and strategic scheduling not only have the potential to assist revenue maximisation from ticket sales but also play a significant role in the day-to-day operational success of a venue. Having an up to date view of your capacity allows management to effectively resource, schedule staff breaks, minimise risk in-venue and subsequently promote different products depending on demand.

At ROLLER, we place the guest at the heart of everything we do. Allowing venues to easily and quickly fine tune every aspect of their capacity and scheduling means that guests can be guaranteed of a fast, frictionless and safe experience, all of which impacts their overall satisfaction levels and their subsequent repeat visitation.  

How to implement:

QR Codes

QR code technology is weaving its way into daily life right now, with a huge uptake popping up everywhere from restaurants and hotels, to industries already utilising ticketing QR Codes like leisure and entertainment.   

ROLLER’s QR code technology, first and foremost, creates a seamless entry flow for both your customer and your staff members by allowing the customer to check-in quickly and safely. This can be done using QR code scanners at the Point-of-Sale or through hand held devices using our Mobile Check-In app.

The beauty of QR Codes is that they can encode anything from a Booking ID to a URL. Best of all, smartphones have in-built QR code scanners found in their native camera functionality. With many of our clients now utilising QR Codes onsite, customers can now use their phones to scan a QR code and sign a waiver. Walk-in customers can now purchase onsite on their phones without requiring to physically hand over cash or a credit card. This decreases queues, increases safety and injects a fully digital experience from beginning to end. Giving your customer the freedom to act autonomously is a win for them and your team.

How to implement:

Online Checkouts

The leisure and entertainment industry is pushing customers to purchase online now more than ever before. The ability to purchase remotely decreases touch points required with a staff member onsite, speeds up the entry flow on check-in for the guest, secures transactional revenue for the business prior to booking and allows for operational planning onsite.

ROLLER’s Online Checkout provides a super fast, user friendly experience for the guest by decreasing the number of clicks required and providing a clear streamlined process. Our checkout is also fully customisable with venue branding, logos and colours. Importantly, it provides an opportunity to communicate necessary information with your guests, not just about the products you sell, but about the processes, guidelines or advice your company wants to instil right from the get go.

How to implement:


As it has always been, gathering key information from customers is crucial to organisational reporting, management and marketing success. In some cases venues have products that require a little extra information in order to ensure they deliver the best guest experience possible.

Prior to Covid-19 Forms were used heavily to gather supplementary information for parties, school or corporate bookings to ensure that these group events were run smoothly. Since this time we have seen a large propensity for clients to use these Forms to provide both critical information and ask mandatory questions in order to guarantee the safe operation of their venue.

By providing highly visible checkboxes and a requirement for these to be checked prior to either payment on the Online Checkout or before being able to sign a waiver, ensures customers have read and agreed to your guidelines.

In addition, with many leisure venues previously using small or confined spaces to play safety briefing videos, a great option now is to add this video to your Online Checkout or waiver. By creating a required checkbox to acknowledge that the participant has watched the video, you can streamline processes onsite and increase safety touch points with your guests. After all, the safety of your guests is paramount and a remote digital experience decreases the need for onsite physical proximity.   

How to implement:

Gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards have long been a great way to send a present to a loved one from afar. With government restrictions in various countries preventing the normal ease of travel, large groups or even some parties, sending a digital gift card with a personalised written message or video is a fantastic and personalised way to make sure your friend or family members receives something special, not to mention has a fun activity to look forward to!

Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown Gift Cards often continued to provide cash flow to organisations with loyal customers investing in future experiences at their local leisure venues.

How to implement:

Cashless Payments

Enabling Cashless Payments using RFID wristbands is a brilliant way to navigate the current touch free environment that the leisure industry is embracing. Not only is this a safe way for your guests to pay for items onsite, RFID bands have also been shown to increase guest spend by providing convenience, ease and service across your site.

This is the ultimate functionality in self-service, automating processes which were previously manual and placing control in the guests’ hands. You can use ROLLER’s RFID solution across a huge variety of site areas including cashless ticket purchases, retail sales and access to food and drink bars. RFID decreases transaction time and queue length, subsequently increasing guest satisfaction. It also reduces the need for resources and minimises staff error.

RFID bands are also a neat way to promote your brand with the ability to fully customise bands with your organisations’ logos and colours, giving the guest a keepsake and a lasting impression, whilst also potentially promoting your brand outside of your venue.

How to implement:

  • Please get in touch with us through our Support Platform for further information on how to implement Cashless Payments at your venue.

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