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Use ROLLER’s ‘Visitation-Management-Platform’ to help stop the spread

At ROLLER, we have spent the last 10 years building technology to allow leisure, entertainment and attractions venues around the world to sell tickets, manage bookings and facilitate fun.  The last week has been the most challenging in the industry's history, and our hearts go out to all those affected.

As well as responding to our industry's challenges, our incredible and resilient team are also looking at how we can play our part in the fight against the epidemic and stop the spread.

All around the world essential services are under enormous strain; supermarkets are being overwhelmed, unemployment centers are seeing enormous queues, pharmacy workers are fearful of going to work, the elderly are unable to get priority access… the list goes on.

Right now, we are applying our booking technology for different, unexpected and certainly unique use cases, including those above. Our hope is we can help alleviate the burden, allowing these facilities and institutions to safely and effectively manage access and facilitate payment. 

This includes;

    • Booking time based sessions to build trust and confidence with visitors regarding their attendance

    • Capacity control and analytic capabilities to ensure venues can provide controlled distribution of services and a responsible environment for visitors

    • Payment in advance for products and bundles to reduce contact and speed up visitation times

    • Enabling time based ‘click and collect’ functionality for restaurants, retailers, food stores and other essential service providers

    • Advanced functionality to allow prioritisation of the elderly and vulnerable to ensure they receive the service they need first

    • Track and trace visitors to ensure they can be contacted in the event of a request from health authorities

We are here to help and play a part in stopping the spread. If you are aware of any essential businesses that could benefit from using our ‘Visitation-Management-Platform’, please contact us immediately.  We are open to any ideas, however crazy they may be.

Lastly, we are also doing everything we can to help our industry during these extraordinary times.  Any profits we generate through this period will be passed on to our client community to help get them back on their feet and open their doors.


Please help us spread the word, and above all, stop the spread.