API and Integrations

Supercharge your account with our existing integrations, or build your own solution using our open API.


Cashless Wallets

Allow guests to load credit onto RFID cards or wristbands - convenient and frictionless spending.



Understand more about your guests, and make your marketing campaigns more personalized.

customer segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Create rules to build segments of customers based on their spend, attendance, products purchased, and more.


Discount Codes

Build your discount codes however you please - flexible, customisable and publish with ease.

gift cards

Gift Cards

Allow your guests to purchase digital gift cards for their friends, with the credit redeemable online and instore.



Create bundles of products to up-sell your guests, and apply discounts to each SKU, whilst keeping the reporting water tight.


Party Bookings

Capture more bookings online, and seamlessly manage the arrivals of your larger bookings.

point of sale software

Point of Sale

Powerful enough to run your entry, retail, and restaurant - all through the one platform.



Turn visitors into repeat guests, with repeat billing, and tiered programs.

mobile check-in

Mobile Checkin App

Check in guests via our mobile app - designed to bust lines!

report dashboard

Reporting and Analytics

Access your reports from your mobile, anywhere, at anytime.

click and collect

ROLLER Payments

Take payments online, in store, with the latest payment technology fully integrated into your account.


Self Serve Kiosks

Automate your entry process, have your guests purchase their own tickets and check in by themselves.


Staff Permissions

Create your own roles and permission levels, to ensure your staff see only what they are supposed to!


Stock and Inventory Control

Ensure you have the right stock levels at anytime, and update with ease.

table management

Table Management

Create accounts for each of your tables in your cafe or restaurant - build out 'tabs' and allow them to pay at the end.



Built to help attractions of all shapes and sizes to manage visitation.



Go digital, without slowing down your guest flow - fully mobile accessible and built for speed.