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Essential software to sell online & in venue and manage day-to-day operations.
$395 $595 £345 €405 $360 /mo

Billed annually + credit card rates

  • 2 sales devices
  • Online checkout
  • Point of Sale
  • Party packages
  • Memberships
  • Integrated payments
ROLLER Recommends
For established venues who need more customization and integrations.
$1045 $1545 £895 €1025 $360 /mo

Billed annually + credit card rates

Includes everything in Pro plus:
  • 10 sales devices
  • Mobile F&B ordering
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Membership agreements
  • Custom checkout domain
  • Cashless card integration
  • Advanced inventory integration
ROLLER Recommends
Personalized support and enhanced functionality for large venues.
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Includes everything in Premium plus:
  • Unlimited sales devices
  • Priority support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Sales devices Point of Sale (POS) and Self-Serve Kiosk (SSK) device connection. Hardware not included.
2 Devices
6 Devices Extra charge for each additional device
10 Devices Extra charge for each additional device
Unlimited Devices
Booking & capacity management
Create & edit bookings Comprehensive features to create, edit and manage bookings from ROLLER apps, marketplaces and external sources.
Online checkout Mobile and conversion optimised eCommerce app to promote and sell your tickets, memberships, gift cards and add-ons.
Resource management Manage capacity and allocation of your resources such as attractions, arenas, zones, party rooms, or equipment.
Availability View the availability and capacity of your venue across times, days, and resources, view redemptions and stats.
Wristband management Speed up queues and better manage the flow of guests by automatically allocating colored wristbands based on session or product.
Invoicing Send invoices through various payment methods to quickly and securely collect payment for group bookings.
Send emails & log calls Manage guest communications within the app, creating a log of communications so everyone's in sync.
Online accounts Guests can sign up for an account to manage their tickets and memberships, saving you time manually updating bookings.
Custom checkout domains Improve conversion rates and create a seamless guest experience by allowing guests to checkout via your custom web domain.
Flexible ticket sales Sell tickets for general entry, specific days, events, time of day, at regular intervals or set periods of time e.g. seasons.
Cashless wallets Load funds onto RFID cards or wristbands to redeam at POS for merchandise, F&B or attractions
Stock & merchandise Sell stock products such as food and beverage or merchandise both online and in-venue.
Add-ons Increase average order value by offering add-on products such as merchandise, equipment rental, or food and beverage to a purchase.
Packages Bundle and discount multiple products to create packages that boost average transaction value.
Party packages Sell dynamic packages for groups or parties with resource schedules, buffer times, and inclusions such as food and beverage.
Gift cards Sell personalised physical and digital gift cards, giving purchasers the ability included personalised messages and videos.
Mobile food & beverage ordering Optimize your restaurant operations and boost food and beverage revenue by enabling guests to order from their mobile device.
Cashless card integration Sell cashless cards redeamable at pay-to-play attractions in your venue by integrating with cashless technology providers.
Mobile checkin app Redeem tickets, bust queues, and reduce wait times with a handheld device.
Point of Sale & Self-Serve Kiosk
Sell & redeem Sell tickets, food, beverage and merchandise + quickly redeem tickets and allocate waivers in the same POS app.
Staff security & authorizations Secure the use of devices with staff pin codes and restrict POS actions with supervisor approval.
Payment terminal integration Process card payments via integrated fixed or portable payment terminals.
SKU’s & barcode scanner integration Quickly process purchases of merchandise by utilizing barcode scanners.
Custom menu builder Process orders faster by customizing the layout, look and feel of the industry's most user-friendly POS.
Printer integration Print receipts, production dockets, ticket stickers and wristbands from your POS.
Cash drawer integration Control how and when staff access cash with direct drawer integration and audit logging.
Till reconciliation Reconcile actual banked funds to expected funds and report variances.
Table & tab management Run tables and tabs to enable guests to order and settle payment at the end of their visit.
Variants & modifiers Create variants such as types of pizza and modifiers such as extra cheese or no anchovy to record food and beverage preferences.
Device templates Save time configuring and updating multiple POS and SSK at once by utilizing templates.
Flexible membership cycles Sell memberships with automatic recurring payments at flexible billing cycles and non-recurring cycles such as Seasonal Memberships.
Advanced dunning & payment recovery Increase failed payment recovery by leveraging advanced machine learning to automatically recover failed membership payments at the optimal time.
Membership upgrades Offer guests the ability to upgrade to memberships both in-venue and via email with a link to a dedicated online checkout.
Membership agreements Require guests to accept a binding electronic agreement before redeeming their membership.
Unified commerce Promote and sell your products both online and in-venue from a single integration.
Integrated refunds Refund purchases from any channel seamlessly from a single secure platform, no need to login to a third-party payment processing platform.
Fraud protection Our built-in fraud-protection tools can reduce chargebacks and improve authorization rates.
Smart dunning Optimise collection of failed subscription payments and prevent involuntary churn by automatically retrying failed payments.
Digital wallets Allow guests to pay how they want with popular payment methods including ApplePay, Google Pay, and “Buy Now, Pay Later”.
Payment links Send payment links to your guests by SMS or email to quickly and securely collect booking payments and reduce chargeback risk.
Payment dashboard Monitor aggregated payment processing and cash flow at a glance with the status of account balances, payments, chargebacks, and more.
Charge fees Offset your expenses by applying service fees for online and/or in-person transactions.
Branding & theming Customize the look and feel of your checkouts to keep your brand consistent across all your guest touchpoints.
Discounts Offer a variety of discount types, including %, $ off and 2 for 1 that are redeemable both online and in-venue.
Channel management integration Reach more guests and increase revenue by seamlessly selling tickets via resellers such as Groupon.
Guest segmentation Segment your guests by booking activity and personal attributes to market your business via email marketing platforms such as Campaign Monitor, Sprout, etc.
Waivers Protect your business and collect valuable customer data by having your guests sign liability waivers before participating.
HQ Save time with standardized configuration and centralized control of multiple venues.
Standard GX Score Automatically collect and action guest feedback that helps you to analyze and improve your guest experience.
Advanced GX Score Elevate your guest experience with advanced tools to uncover greater insights and optimise performance.
Custom data forms Capture guest information within booking flows or embed forms into your website to personalized experiences or capture enquiries.
Staff permissions & security Flexible roles and permissions that enable you to restrict staff access to data and functionality.
Gate access control integration Automate access to your venue, eliminate guest queues and better monitor attendance by integrating with access control gates; allowing guests to self-scan tickets, membership cards, or RFID wristbands to gain entry.
Guest flags & bans Store and share personalized guest information in one place, such as a banned guest or a VIP.
Advanced inventory integration Advanced purchasing, reconciliation and yield management for multi-outlet F&B and merchandise operations.
APIs & webhooks Leverage data and extend ROLLER by connecting with other tools.
Analytics Analyze where you’re excelling and where you can improve with visual dashboards showing how your key business performance metrics are trending over time.
Detailed reports Dive deeper with detailed reports on bookings, attendance, guests, payments, transactions, settlements, payouts, taxes, accounting, and more.
Scheduled reports Automate reporting by scheduling reports to be emailed directly to your inbox.
Accrual accounting Record deferred revenue and report revenue based on the date revenue is earned (rather than received).
Advanced Analytics Sophisticated dashboards to help you track performance down to the hour, closely monitor membership churn and visitation rates, grow party revenue, and more.
Google Tag Manager Connect your ROLLER checkout to Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager to gain insights into user behavior and improve conversion rates.
Help center Resolve issues quickly with access to hundreds of support articles.
Academy Bring your team up to speed in no time with video tutorials to help achieve the most out of our platform.
In-app resources View support articles relevant to the page you're on with contextual in-app resources.
Help desk tickets Global 24/7 access to our expert support team.
Phone support 24/7 phone support from our global experts for any urgent escalations.
Integrations With pre-built integrations, you can easily customize your ROLLER account for your venue’s unique needs.
Implementation services Our team of experts will help you get up and running in your new ROLLER account as smoothly as possible.
Available Paid Add-ons
Save time with standardized configuration and centralized control of multiple venues.
Protect your business and collect valuable customer data by having your guests sign liability waivers before participating.
Advanced GX Score features
Track, monitor, and respond to guest feedback in real-time to optimize performance and grow your fan base.
APIs & webhooks
Leverage data and extend ROLLER by connecting with other tools.
Mobile checkin app
Redeem tickets, shrink queues, and reduce wait times with a handheld device.
Implementation services
Our team of experts will help you get up and running in your new ROLLER account as smoothly as possible.