Intercard Integration

Manage your entire venue from one place

Our integration with Intercard makes the management of pay-to-play attractions and arcades easy. Sell, top-up, and balance-check cashless cards all from your ROLLER point of sale device.

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Easier management

Make venue management easy

Utilize a single POS device for all guest transactions and save time and effort in managing your venue and training staff.

INCREASE revenue

Sell game cards online

Allow guests to purchase cashless game cards from your ROLLER online checkout, increasing average transaction value and making the check-in process easier.

Greater options

Create flexible cashless redemptions

Utilize cashless cards across multiple activity types such as arcades, laser tag, and VR, as well as various redemption methods, such as offering card redemption in the form of time, cash, or bonus cash.

offer packages

Offer game card party packages

Combine tickets, cashless cards, merchandise, and food & beverage to create package deals for parties and group bookings.

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Intercard Reporting

Automatically track and report cashless purchases

Cashless card purchases are automatically logged in your reports, saving you time in reporting and analyzing cashless card purchases.

Frequently asked questions

Do I still need to use Intercard’s systems?

The ROLLER integration with Intercard reduces the amount of interaction you have with your Intercard system, however, you will still need to use the Intercard system to set up and manage a number of back-end functions such as game settings, restricts on cashless card redemptions, service of gaming machines, etc.

How much does it cost to change cashless card providers?

The cost to change cashless card providers varies considerably due to the variety and age of card readers and other in-venue hardware. If you are considering switching providers to Intercard, please contact your account manager or support to find out more.