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4 Ways Self-Serve Kiosks Can Help Your Business

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4 Ways Self-Serve Kiosks Can Help Your Business-2

Self-Serve Kiosks can help you improve your guest experience, streamline your operations and drive revenue.

According to Blooloop, venues that implement self-serve kiosks (SSKs) are seeing efficiency improvements in the ticketing, waiver and check-in process, leading to fewer bottlenecks and happier guests.

In this blog, we look at four ways SSKs can help your leisure, attractions or entertainment venue provide an exceptional guest experience and improve your bottom line.

1. Simplify check-in and reduce queuing

By automating the ticketing, waiver and check-in process, your guests can spend less time waiting in line and more time having fun. Remember, guests want a smooth experience.

Benchmark data suggests that the average guest can avoid up to two minutes standing in a queue when SSKs are an option.

The data also shows that guests are more inclined to use SSKs during busier times, indicating a strong desire to avoid lengthy queues.

And since SSKs lead to a faster check-in experience, the likelihood of delighting your guests as soon as they enter your venue is significantly increased.

Guests can also sign waivers with SSKs, which is occasionally a requirement in some leisure, attractions or entertainment venues. At traditional waiver stations, guests who enter their details are still required to join a ticketing queue before entering the venue. 

With an SSK that includes an integrated waiver flow, guests can do everything they need at the one terminal. This results in a more seamless check-in process and fewer queues.

2. Free up staff to improve guest interactions

SSKs streamline the normal purchase flow that occurs with traditional point-of-sale systems (POS). This in turn, enables your staff to focus on more meaningful customer engagements.

For example, staff are free to move from behind a register and spend more quality time interacting with guests, such as welcoming them to your venue and creating a more meaningful first touchpoint.

After speaking with a center manager from Urban Extreme – a fast-growing family owned adventure park – we learned that training staff to be proficient in multiple roles with a park is ideal for enabling flexibility, efficiency and prioritizing guest experience. With SSKs, these benefits are simply made easier to achieve.

Our data also indicates that venues using SSKs are seeing up to 40 percent of walk-in transactions now going through the kiosks, leading to happier guests and an opportunity for staff to create more significant interactions.

3. Drive more revenue

Based on our research, purchases made through SSKs are typically generating a 10 percent higher spend per head compared to purchases made at a POS.

SSKs provide guests with a greater ability to assess purchase options in their own time. Which, in turn, has proven to increase their tendency to choose higher priced options.

This is largely because they are afforded more freedom to make decisions without the pressure and frustration that often comes from lengthy queues at a manually operated POS.

It’s no wonder then, that 66 percent of consumers prefer self-serve and self-checkout over human interaction.

4. Automate upsells and add-ons

Training your staff members to upsell and present relevant add-ons to customers can often be difficult to implement and maintain. 

Through the SSK, you can build logic to automate add-ons and upsells so the guest is always presented with additional items that will improve their experience while increasing the average customer spend.

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