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ROLLER vs CenterEdge

From digital membership management to payments, ROLLER provides all the online tools you need to grow revenue, save time, and deliver exceptional guest experiences. Say goodbye to dated interfaces, time-consuming workflows, and clunky servers – our easy-to-use, cloud-based system will keep staff happy, cut your admin workload, and give you the leading edge over your competition.

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cloud-based software

Leave server-based software in the past

Traditional server-based software comes with hefty upfront costs for hardware and adds additional admin time and maintenance expenses for operators. With ROLLER, you can securely access your venue’s data from the cloud, granting you the flexibility to manage your business effortlessly, on-site or remote. You’ll automatically receive new products and features without manually updating your software.

CenterEdge Competitor

A proven track record

200+ operators have switched from CenterEdge Software to ROLLER! We work with the world’s largest trampoline parks and family entertainment centers, so we understand the tools you need to grow your revenue and guest experience.

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online checkout customization options

The modern checkout guests actually want to use

CenterEdge's online checkout requires users to navigate through multiple steps to complete their purchase, creating additional admin work for staff, and ultimately hindering conversion rates. With ROLLER, you can offer guests a modern booking experience with a branded checkout that connects seamlessly with your website. With flexible ticket sales, integrated waivers and payments, and add-on sales, you’ll convert more prospects to paying guests.

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membership card

Grow recurring revenue

CenterEdge’s basic membership functionality provides limited visibility into member history, payment history, and active member counts. ROLLER helps you automatically capture recurring revenue with repeat billing and makes it easy for guests to redeem their membership online and in venue. Get a visual snapshot of membership conversion rates, churn, and lifetime value to track trends over time and proactively identify opportunities to improve your membership program.  

Elevate generated $600,000 in membership revenue in just four months after switching from CenterEdge to ROLLER.

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Global support

We make the switch stress-free

While CenterEdge's support operates during US hours with no coverage on Sundays, ROLLER’s 24/7 global support and 1:1 personalized onboarding give you peace of mind that you can get the help you need, whenever you need it. Our team of industry experts will make the migration from CenterEdge seamless and get you up and running as smoothly as possible. 

Party booking

Save time with effortless party bookings

With CenterEdge, party bookings are difficult to make and time-consuming for guests at check-in. ROLLER’s party booking experience makes parties simple for guests and staff, increasing sales and saving you time. Allow guests to book, select add-ons and variations, and pay all within the online booking flow. Effortlessly manage your party schedules with room limits and buffer times, and track party host performance to ensure your staff deliver an exceptional experience.  

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point of sale
POS Software

Sell faster and keep lines flowing

CenterEdge’s legacy point of sale interface is difficult for staff to learn and use and increases wait time for guests. With ROLLER, you can quickly manage check-ins, food and beverage, and merchandise sales all from your POS device. With fully customizable screens and easy-to-use workflows, checking in guests is faster, requires fewer staff members, and can be learned by new staff in a matter of minutes. 

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