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How Elevate Generated $2 Million in Membership Revenue in 12 Months

Elevate Trampoline Parks operate ten indoor trampoline parks across the USA. They pride themselves on creating memorable experiences for guests of all ages, with wall-to-wall trampolines, the latest high-tech games, and fun family activities. 

Elevate switched from their previous platform, CenterEdge, after seeing other trampoline parks successfully adopting ROLLER's trampoline park software. With CenterEdge, Elevate staff had to log in to different servers for each location to update the POS system or edit products. They were looking for an easy-to-use cloud-based platform that could be accessed from anywhere. Moving to ROLLER has helped Elevate save time and boost revenue by allowing guests to purchase tickets and memberships online easily.

We developed a competitive membership pricing strategy to encourage guests to upgrade from a one-off jump pass. Since launching our membership program 12 months ago, we have 12,000 active members, generating $2 million in revenue. We’re also successfully retaining members well beyond the three-month minimum term.
Austin Barnes
Director of Marketing, Elevate Trampoline Parks

Grow members, grow revenue

Austin Barnes, Director of Marketing at Elevate, says that ROLLER’s membership functionality has been key to their significant growth in recent months. Austin worked to develop a competitive membership pricing strategy to encourage guests to upgrade from a one-off jump pass. “It's made it a lot easier to convert people, whether online or in-park,” says Austin.

Since launching their membership program, sales have sky-rocketed. Within a year Elevate already has 12,000 active members, generating $2 million in revenue. Not only is this initiative driving growth in the short term, but it’s converting guests into long-term customers. Elevate is successfully retaining members well beyond the three-month minimum term, ensuring their return on investment well into the future.

Beyond memberships, ROLLER’s modern, mobile-friendly online checkout has helped Elevate set record sales numbers. Customers can purchase everything from jump passes to party packages online in just a few clicks. “We make more online sales than we ever did before,” says Austin.

Saving time with ROLLER’s online functionality

Switching to ROLLER has also saved Elevate’s busy staff time by improving operational efficiency. 

Elevate leverages ROLLER’s new booking agreement solution to prompt guests to complete a digital membership agreement when they purchase online or in-venue. This has made it quicker to acquire new members and eliminates bottlenecks at the front desk. “If you have to have people filling out paperwork, it takes forever,” says Austin. “ROLLER’s online membership agreement is much faster.”

ROLLER’s integrated payments functionality has streamlined the sales process to save staff and guests time. Elevate has eliminated the delays at the point of sale that they were experiencing with their previous payment provider WorldPay. “Even just the approval process from a credit card being swiped is faster,” says Austin.

Elevate is in the process of moving to a centralized HQ account to reduce set-up time and ensure consistency by allowing its product catalog to be shared across venues. This sets them up well to continue to scale and expand.

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