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May 2024 Product Updates

ROLLER's all-in-one platform helps growing attraction venues enhance efficiency, boost revenue, and provide a seamless guest experience. We continue to invest in our product roadmap to keep pace with the advancing needs of operators and guests.

Watch our Product Spotlight webinar below for a run-through of ROLLER’s latest products and features, or keep scrolling for a detailed summary.


At ROLLER, we’re constantly releasing new products and features to help you:

  • MANAGE your operations
  • SELL your experiences
  • SERVE your guests
  • MARKET your business
Today, we’ll give you an overview of what’s new and upcoming on the roadmap to help you achieve these goals.


What's new


This industry-leading business intelligence tool is built directly into the ROLLER platform, giving you insight into your venue performance without relying on external data analysis. Customers can access a range of visual dashboards and reports that give you an actionable summary of your key revenue, guest, and membership metrics. This enables you to make informed decisions about your operations, product offering, marketing strategy, and guest experience, and measure the impact of those decisions on your bottom line.

Learn more about Analytics here.

Revenue analytics dashboard

Activity Center

This centralized hub for managing operations allows you to handle booking notifications, guest inquiries, and updates all in one place, freeing up your team to focus on the guest experience.

Tentative bookings

This feature allows your staff to hold bookings for a specified period after a booking inquiry. If payment isn't received in time, the hold is automatically canceled, freeing up space for other guests so you can maximize booking revenue.

"I like that we don't have to take payments over the phone anymore. We just send guests a payment link, and it's up to them. We don't have to facilitate any card numbers or anything like that."
Myra Williams
Acting General Manager, Amaze World

Amusement Connect integration

We currently have an integration with Intercard to help you manage cashless payments, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve also launched an integration with Amusement Connect. Amusement Connect helps you simplify pay-to-play attractions and arcades by enabling the sale, top-up, and balance checks of cashless cards directly from POS, and allowing guests to pay via cashless card at POS. By using these cashless card integrations, you’ll save time managing your systems separately.

Amusement Connect and Intercard are available for customers on Premium and Enterprise plans. If you’re subscribed to a Lite or Pro plan and want to integrate, you can purchase an add-on to your subscription. You need an Amusement Connect or Intercard subscription to use these integrations.

Flexible session intervals

We've introduced customizable session intervals, allowing you to configure non-standard time increments (such as 8 or 12 minutes instead of 5, 10, or 15). This helps you increase revenue by offering more sessions each day and increasing guest turnover.

Flexible session intervals are available upon request. Contact your Account Manager or the support team to activate the feature.

In beta

Stored payment methods

When guests make a booking, they can opt to save their payment details securely. Outstanding balances and additional costs incurred on the day of the booking can then be charged to these stored card details. This ensures that if staff or guests forget to finalize payment, your venue isn’t losing valuable revenue or wasting time chasing up payments.

Coming soon

HQ Analytics

HQ Analytics is coming soon, perfect for multi-venue operators who want to aggregate and compare performance across locations.


What's new

Mobile food and beverage ordering

Food & Beverage

Guests can effortlessly place orders from their mobile devices by simply scanning a QR code, eliminating the need to wait in line at the counter. This feature not only streamlines your food and beverage operations—requiring fewer staff members to take orders—but could also increase revenue. Guests spend around 30% more when they have the convenience of ordering online.

“We're thrilled to partner with ROLLER and adopt their mobile food and beverage ordering feature. It's a game-changer for us at Gold Coast Wake Park, as it not only saves us valuable time but also caters to our guests' preferences.”
Daniel Watkins
Owner, Gold Coast Wake Park


Available for Premium and Enterprise customers. 

Fresh KDS integration

To further streamline your kitchen operations and speed up service, we now integrate with Fresh KDS, enabling you to send orders made via POS or mobile directly to your kitchen display screens.

You need a Fresh KDS subscription to use this integration.

Production management

Our new cloud-based printer management system ensures that receipts and production dockets print reliably, reducing time spent troubleshooting printer errors and ensuring food orders get to your guests as quickly as possible.

“Before production management, if I had a printer issue, it would take 45 minutes to fix.”
Jospher Nadar
IT Operations Specialist, Chipmunks Playland and Café

POS fees

You can now choose to apply fees for purchases made via POS, helping you offset rising expenses and payment processing costs. This will increase your profit margins for each transaction without increasing the pricing of your products.

Checkout add-ons

Our new dynamic upsell options make it easier for guests to purchase additional items during checkout. This feature has already helped venues like THE LUME increase their online revenue by 7%, offering timely and relevant add-ons to guests.


Available for customers using the progressive checkout. Make the switch from legacy to progressive checkouts if you haven’t already! 


What's new

Online accounts

Guests can now manage and reschedule their bookings and memberships when it suits them (not just during your business hours!). This frees up your staff from handling routine booking inquiries over the phone and provides guests with a convenient self-service experience. 

“ROLLER’s new online accounts feature is phenomenal. Our guests have the flexibility to edit their bookings when it suits them, rather than having to get in touch with our call center. Not only is it increasing customer satisfaction, but it’s saving us time and money on labor. We’ve already had 1,800 guests create online accounts in just a few months.”
Jake Cunningham
Group Digital Marketing Manager, TreeClimb


Available for Pro, Premium, and Enterprise customers.

Waiver improvements

We have a range of new enhancements to ensure your guests arrive on the day of their booking with a signed waiver, enabling you to speed up the check-in process. This includes making the sign-a-waiver option more visible in emails sent from ROLLER and ensuring parents/guardians don’t miss the option to sign a waiver for their minors. 

Booking reminder email

To ensure guests are well-prepared for their visit and don’t have to phone you to confirm their booking details, you can now send email reminders containing all the essential information your guests need to know about their booking, including product instructions, reservation times, and more.

Available for Pro, Premium, and Enterprise customers.

Coming soon

Party guest list

This new feature will make it easier for guests to send invites and manage RSVPs for their party invitees, ultimately saving your venue time managing attendees and waivers on the day.

Further waiver improvements

We’re working on further checkout improvements to ensure guests don’t miss the prompt to sign a waiver in the checkout flow, saving you time at check-in.


Coming soon

Discount improvements

We're improving our discount functionality to give you more variety in your promotional offers for guests. This will help you attract more customers and keep them coming back time after time! integration

Finally, we have another new integration: (known as Tanda in Australia). With this integration, you can automatically sync your ROLLER sales data with to build your rosters based on projected demand, ensuring you can optimize your labor budgets without worrying about over- or understaffing.

You need a subscription and need to be using ROLLER's API add-on to use this integration.

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