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Expert Roundup: 5 Proven Attractions Marketing Ideas

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In our humble opinion, here at ROLLER, we’re fortunate to have the best customers in the world. And they happen to run hugely impressive venues!

Join us as we share their tried and tested tips on the best attraction venue marketing ideas that have encouraged repeat guest visitation at their venues. Hear from the likes of WhoaZone, Elevate Trampoline Parks, and more!

1. Advertise on third-party channels

If you want to expand your business to reach new audiences and increase capacity, consider partnering with a third-party reseller. This entity can provide a platform for selling your products and offerings, giving you access to their entire audience and potentially converting them into paying customers.

One example of a successful partnership is between WhoaZone and ROLLER's Groupon integration. Jen Rice, General Manager of WhoaZone, told us that by leveraging this integration, they could increase online sales and reach a wider audience. They sold almost 600 tickets at their Texas park through Groupon last season, generating over $13,000 in revenue.

Before the integration, guests had to use a manual discount code to purchase tickets via Groupon and then reserve their spot on the WhoaZone website. This often led to confusion and difficulties at check-in. However, with ROLLER's integration, the process is now seamless and streamlined for staff and guests and sizeably increases revenue and repeat visitation rate.

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Loyalty by Selling on Groupon

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2. Leverage email marketing

Jen also spoke to us about the benefits she experienced with email marketing.

Email marketing is highly effective for several reasons. Firstly, it allows businesses to reach a vast and diverse audience with personalized and targeted content. By segmenting their email lists and tailoring messages to specific customer interests, venues can significantly increase engagement and conversion rates.

Email marketing offers a cost-effective approach compared to traditional advertising channels, enabling businesses of all sizes to run campaigns without breaking the bank.

Thirdly, email marketing fosters direct communication with customers, creating a sense of trust and loyalty by informing them about new products, exclusive offers, and relevant updates.

Additionally, email marketing provides valuable data and insights through analytics, allowing marketers to refine their strategies and optimize future campaigns. And with the prevalence of smartphones and mobile devices, emails can be easily accessed on the go, ensuring that the message quickly reaches customers wherever they are.

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3. Build mystery and offer something new often to encourage repeat visitation

In this episode of our Guest Experience Show, Meg Parker, the Chief Marketing Officer at AREA15, an immersive art and entertainment complex in Las Vegas, talks about how they build mystery and intrigue through marketing while at the same time fostering interest for guests to come and experience the venue for themselves.

For example, AREA15 will often reach out to past guests with offers about new upcoming exciting events that might interest their age demographic. They don’t put all the information in one message but build intrigue through marketing messages.

In that same vein, Meg also shares the importance of continually offering something new in the form of events, programs, and activities that, in turn, lead to repeat visitation. As a result, AREA15’s percentage of guests who return is substantially higher when benchmarking against other Las Vegas attractions, at 30%.

4. Use influencer marketing

In the same episode, Meg also talks about the power of influencer marketing.

She states that everyone is an influencer and that even loose connections with the right people on social media can be more impactful than a celebrity with millions of followers. Because sometimes, people assume such stars are paid for their opinions, they might feel the recommendation is ingenuine. They are more likely to be influenced by a social post from their friend who recently attended the venue and posted about having a fantastic time.

Meg talks about how the main ingredient to successful influencer marketing is to ensure that your venue is so exciting and visually stimulating that people can’t help but take out their phones, take pictures and videos, and share their experiences. From there, your guests can create unique and engaging organic social content for you.

One last tip Meg gives is to find the guests who want to continue the conversation with you. You can do this after they have left your venue through email, SMS, etc. Reach out to your guests and then segment them from the responses they give.

For instance, one guest might tell you they want to avoid receiving further promotions and updates from your venue, so you cater to this request and cease communications. While another might be very interested in receiving updates from you and might mention they are looking for a venue to host their child's next birthday. Using this information, you can send them a related offer closer to their child's birthday using this information. In this way, the more you understand your guests and give them what they want, the more likely they are to return. It will also encourage them to recommend your venue to others.

5. Offer/ advertise memberships

Memberships are a goldmine regarding repeat visitation.

Our customer, Skateworld, successfully converted many repeat visitors into regular skaters with their membership program. Co-owner Christina Stang said: “We're drawing repeat customers in way more than we used to. Memberships have been the most positive outcome of switching to ROLLER.”

Similarly, since launching its membership program, Elevate Trampoline Parks now has almost 9,000 active members, generating close to $600,000 in revenue.

According to Austin Barnes, Elevate's Marketing Director, this effort boosts short-term growth and transforms repeat guests into loyal visitors. Elevate has effectively kept its members engaged for more than three months, ensuring a worthwhile return on investment for the foreseeable future.

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Take it from the experts

Knowing how best to advertise your venue can take a lot of work. With these expert tips from our customers, you will surely see more traffic to your website and venue.

Remember to utilize third-party channels, build intrigue, look into email and influencer marketing, and convert repeat guests into loyal fans for life with memberships.

Contact us at ROLLER if you want us to help you with venue management systems-related.