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How to Increase Sales & Decrease Workload by Selling on Redeam

There is a common misconception that utilizing a third-party reseller or channel management solution may not be very advantageous to running an attractions business. When we speak with venue operators, their most common concerns are usually centered around:

  1. A lack of clarity as to whether or not using this kind of service will be worth the commission paid for it; and
  2. A fear that using a reseller will negatively affect your brand as it pertains to value perception.

Here, we will discuss exactly how using a third-party reseller, such as Redeam, can help your business enhance its everyday operations.


What is Redeam?

Redeam is a channel management solution that helps venues manage the promotion and sales of tickets across a number of OTAs (or Online Travel Agents) such as Tripadvisor, Expedia, Get your Guide, Klook, Musement, Groupon, and Google Things to Do.


How does Redeam work?

Redeam is not a ticketing system, it is a technology provider which acts as a middleman between an operator's ticketing system and their resellers' systems. Simply put, Redeam works by moving data back and forth between Operators and Distributors.


How can Redeam help my business?


1. Taking the stress out of managing multiple distribution channels & broadening your audience reach

Having a large network of third-party sellers puts you in front of more people than your business could’ve reached on its own.

But managing it all on your own is often a challenge for operators. One solution? Working with a service like Redeam that can take the hard work out of managing these channels for you.

Redeam can assist you in the sale of your products across these channels by handling the technological connections between your system and your reseller's system.

Redeam ensures that these systems are ‘communicating’ correctly so that you don’t end up with overbookings, errors, and unhappy guests.

And the best thing? You can control the whole thing all from one dashboard!

That means you decide exactly how much inventory to allocate to each distributor! You can easily base these decisions on variables such as which distributor has been more profitable, which days and times require certain amounts of inventory, and more. It’s all in your control!

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2. Paperless redemption

Redeam’s scanning technology allows for the admission of mobile and paper vouchers. These vouchers can be issued from either your own ticketing software or ANY of your reseller's systems.

No technical integration is required on the side of the operator either – guests can just scan and enter! Plus, electronic redemption is a lot safer as it reduces the risk of fraud.

All vouchers scanned will also show up in the reporting and reconciliation portal in Redeam – making reconciliation and reporting a breeze!


ROLLER integration with Redeam

Our integration with Redeam means that rather than creating multiple API connections between ROLLER and each distribution channel, Redeam will act as a connection point from ROLLER to multiple channel partners.

Pretty cool, huh?! This kind of seamless multiple-channel promotion can really help in boosting brand exposure and sales for your business while saving you time and effort.

Additionally, this single connection between Redeam and ROLLER means that you can create, edit and manage tickets, promotions, capacity, and reconciliation all with ease.


Take your operations to the next level with Redeam

Our Senior Product Manager, Claire Davis, put it best when she said:

“By partnering with Redeam, we are able to leverage their connections to a vast distribution network and provide our clients with an easy way to access new markets. Resellers are seamlessly integrated into our customers’ existing ROLLER platform, making the management of sales and capacity effortless.”

That’s what our integration has done for our customers, and it can do the same for you too!

If you want to learn more about Redeam, or how our integration can help your business, reach out today!