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Reach New Audiences & Boost Brand Loyalty by Selling on Groupon

A third-party reseller is an entity that provides its platform to further sell your products and offerings. It’s a particularly attractive vehicle for those looking to appeal to wider audiences and maximize capacity.

Resellers can provide a business with a far more significant market presence. Because when you commission a reseller, you are given an opportunity to capture their entire audience’s attention and convert them into paying guests of your business.


Is working with a third-party reseller right for my business?

As a venue operator, you may have wondered whether or not using a third-party reseller would benefit your business, particularly because in exchange for their services, some resellers will charge an upfront fee and commission after that.

We typically hear the following concerns and questions about working with resellers

  • What will I get back for the commission I pay? Is it worth it?
  • How much extra exposure will I really receive?
  • How has using a third-party reseller helped other businesses like mine?

In this article, we’ll take you through how using a third-party reseller, such as Groupon can help you reach new audiences and increase brand loyalty, unlocking new revenue streams for your business.

Groupon is a global e-commerce company that connects guests to local businesses and new experiences. Groupon offers deals on behalf of these businesses and connects potential guests to a wide range of industries: from restaurants to trampoline parks!


What will I get back for the commission I pay?

We know you work hard. And we know it can be scary to try something new like Groupon without knowing the ROI you’ll receive.

However, a platform like Groupon can give you a much larger brand reach than going it alone. Think about the days when your business might be quieter. Perhaps, an average Tuesday is not a very busy day for you. If you’ve become okay with this – know that you don’t have to!

Utilizing unsold inventory in this way is a great way to maximize revenue and more effectively manage your capacity. So how exactly does it work?

Prospective guests are using multiple engines to discover new attractions and places to spend their disposable time and money.

In fact, over 50% of surveyed Groupon customers reported that they view Groupon as a discovery engine.

That average Tuesday we talked about? It doesn’t have to be so average anymore!


How much extra exposure will I really receive?

Groupon is more than just a place guests go to looking for deals. As mentioned, it is also used as a search engine for those looking for other fun things to do in the area.

So, while your marketing teams do a stellar job, it never hurts to enlist a little help, right? Resellers like Groupon invest millions into their worldwide marketing campaigns. These campaigns will bring prospective guests to the Groupon platform, which will bring them to your venue.

That means your business can take advantage of Groupon’s:

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How has using a third-party reseller helped other businesses like mine?

Since launching in Australia and New Zealand in 2011, Groupon has:


How does ROLLER integrate with Groupon?

Real-time inventory sync

No longer do you have to worry about overbooking or having to manually update your availability once sales are made via Groupon. Our integration ensures your inventory is updated automatically in your ROLLER account, and on the Groupon website, after every sale.

Seamless check-in process

Your staff no longer have to treat Groupon bookings differently! When the guests arrive, simply scan in the Groupon ticket and the booking will show in the ROLLER point of sale system, just like other bookings.

Automatic reconciliation of sales

Sales that are made via Groupon are now automatically logged in your reports, including the redemption status, saving your accounts team a tonne of time!


Become the destination your guests are searching for

We know you got into the entertainment and attractions business to bring joy to others. You do this to see guests light up with excitement and wriggle in anticipation while they wait in line, anxious to burst into your venue.

You want to see parents relaxing and happily snapping pictures of their children to go into the family albums. You are in the business of creating unforgettable experiences that will last forever in your guests' minds and hopefully even their photo albums.

Your venue is the destination guests want to experience – it’s time to let somebody else help bring them to you!

If you want to learn more about Groupon, or how our integration with Groupon can help your business, contact us today!