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How Loyalty Programs Can Help Grow Your Business


Do you want to implement a system in your business that is sure to make your customers feel appreciated? 

How about a system that encourages customers to continually use your goods or services? 

Implementing a Loyalty Rewards Program into your business will do just this. It can spark existing customers to repeat business with you and can motivate new customers to start doing business with you.

Loyalty rewards programs offer incentives to those who frequently purchase from your business. By providing repeat customers with free merchandise, redeemable rewards, exclusive discounts or coupons, complimentary entry or even insight into future products, customers will become your business’ best advocates.

Think about it this way; your business brews an awesome coffee, but it’s located a block away from the train station as opposed to the average coffee shop in the train station. If you implement a digitally supported Loyalty Rewards Program that treats people to a redeemable free large coffee after purchasing 10 regular sized cups, people are more encouraged to make that extra trip around the block for that complimentary coffee.

Repeat customers generate approximately 55-70% of company sales and spend 67% more than new customers do. By appealing to your repeat customers through a rewards system, you will get them on board to spend more by providing them with a reason to do so.

The benefits on this program outweigh the risks. Today’s advanced technology and software options can help you dwindle out of the stamped cards, and integrate a digital loyalty rewards system. There is no need to worry about keeping track of your VIP customers and their loyalty statistics. ROLLER’s progressive software will help your business manage reward programs and services through easy storage and retrieval of customer information at your point of sale. Your customers’ information and reward progress will be easily accessible through implemented software that tracks behaviours and previous transactions.

Add a Loyalty Rewards Program to your company’s portfolio in order to build profit revolving around customer loyalty. Interactive loyalty marketing will be your company’s stepping-stone to being differentiated from your competitors. You will be able to focus on improving customer relationships and creating brand equity.

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Say “Thank You” to your devoted customers who favour your coffee over the rest. Reward those who bring their kids to your theme park once a month. Treat your customers and they will treat you.

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