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Insights from the AIP Awards: Elevating Indoor Play Centers in the UK

We had a blast at the AIP Conference and Industry Awards! This event brought the indoor play industry together for a day of learning and celebration. It was a fantastic opportunity to join as the headline sponsor and exhibitor, connecting with so many passionate industry leaders.

The AIP Industry Awards celebrate the best of indoor play and highlight the importance of innovation, excellence, and community in our industry.

Event recap

Conference and trade show

Held at Drayton Manor, the day was packed with international speakers, networking, and top industry suppliers. Highlights included:

  • Marketing Memories and Delivering on the Promise with Scott Brown
  • Future Trends to Ensure Repeat Customers and Maximize Spend with Bala McAlinn
  • AI & The Human Touch: Harmonizing Tech and Creativity in Marketing with Matt Baker

Industry awards gala

In the evening, we switched to celebration mode with a reception, a fantastic dinner, and an awards ceremony hosted by Jonathan Bremmer. The night ended with dancing to the Vodka Martinis band, a perfect way to celebrate the industry's achievements.

ROLLER at the AIP Awards. 
The ROLLER team at the AIP Awards. 
The ROLLER team at AIP.
The ROLLER team at the AIP Awards. 
The ROLLER team at the AIP Awards. 
The ROLLER team at the AIP Awards. 
The ROLLER team at the AIP Awards. 

Funda Land wins Best Indoor Attraction Award at AIP

We are thrilled to announce that ROLLER customer Funda Land won the Best Indoor Attraction Award at the AIP Awards! Fundaland has been recognized for its outstanding contributions to the indoor play industry, offering exceptional experiences and innovative attractions that delight guests of all ages. This prestigious award highlights Funda Land's commitment to excellence and creativity in creating memorable experiences for its visitors. Congratulations to the entire Funda Land team on this well-deserved achievement!

Key takeaways

1. Optimize staff management

The AIP conference provided valuable insights into how indoor play center owners can effectively manage their staff through training and coaching. These tips are designed to enhance team productivity and ensure a smooth operation. And remember, "training without accountability is just a suggestion!"

  • Why this matters: Well-trained and coached staff are more efficient and better equipped to handle guest interactions, leading to improved guest satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Impact: Implementing staff management strategies can lead to a more motivated team, resulting in a higher quality of service and a more enjoyable guest experience with reduced wait times.
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2. Create memorable experiences 

The AIP conference highlighted the use of innovative strategies, such as nudge theory and stagecraft, to create memorable guest experiences. Nudge theory involves subtly guiding guest behavior through small suggestions and positive reinforcement. Stagecraft refers to the strategic design of the environment and guest interactions to create a theatrical and immersive experience. Additionally, the concept of “premiumization” was introduced, which involves offering limited edition items and unconventional opening hours to create a sense of exclusivity and urgency.

  • Why this matters: Innovative experiences help to differentiate your venue from competitors, offering guests something special that keeps them coming back. Nudge theory and stagecraft subtly influence guest behavior, enhancing their overall experience, while “premiumization” adds an exclusive touch that guests value.
  • Impact: Memorable and engaging guest experiences foster loyalty and positive word-of-mouth, leading to higher customer retention and increased revenue. Limited edition items and unique opening hours create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, driving higher spend per visit.
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3. Utilize technology to connect with your audience 

The AIP conference emphasized the importance of using advanced data tools to understand guest behavior and preferences. By harnessing the power of data, indoor play centers can gain valuable insights to create targeted and effective marketing campaigns and make strategic decisions.

  • Why this matters: Data-driven analytics provide a deeper understanding of guest behavior, allowing for more personalized and impactful marketing strategies that resonate with guests.
  • Impact: Utilizing the right tools can significantly enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased spending per visit and repeat business.
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About the Association of Indoor Play (AIP)

The AIP is the go-to trade association for the UK indoor play sector, formed during the COVID pandemic to support smaller operators. Representing around 1,100 operators, AIP aims to raise the profile of indoor play, improve standards, and foster a supportive community.

A message of gratitude

Huge thanks to Maria Cantarella, Co-Founder & Director of Operations at AIP, for putting together such an amazing event! Your huge contributions to the industry have made such a big impact!

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