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4 Effective Marketing Strategies for FECs

4 Effective Marketing Strategies for FECs

In the dynamic world of family entertainment, staying ahead of the curve is a constant challenge. Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) must continuously seek innovative marketing strategies to attract and retain guests. 

Here, we present four comprehensive strategies FEC operators can leverage to drive guest visitation and increase revenue. From the power of social media to nurturing guest loyalty and harnessing the benefits of email marketing and community involvement, this guide will equip you with the tools to thrive in this ever-evolving industry.

1. Captivating social media engagement

In an age of digital connectivity, a compelling social media presence is non-negotiable. To excel in this domain, embrace the following:

Visual Storytelling:

Paint a vivid picture of your FEC by sharing high-quality photos and videos. Capture the essence of your attractions, the thrill of family fun, and the joy that awaits. This visual storytelling forms an emotional connection with your audience.

Consistent Updates:

Regularity is your ally. Keep your social media channels fresh with engaging content, from event announcements to enticing promotions. The more you share, the more engaged your audience will be.

User-Generated Content:

Encourage your guests to be part of your story. Invite them to share their experiences with a unique FEC hashtag. This reduces marketing costs and forges a loyal community around your brand.

Paid Advertising:

For a broader reach, consider targeted paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Harness the power of detailed audience targeting to connect with those most likely to convert.

Key metrics and benchmarks to watch:

  • Likes, shares, comments, and follower growth are key engagement metrics to monitor.
  • For paid advertising campaigns, a click-through rate (CTR) above 2% and a conversion rate of 5% are promising benchmarks.

2. A user-friendly and optimized online checkout

An optimized website and online checkout are indispensable for driving web traffic that effectively converts. Your FEC's online presence should engage and facilitate easy bookings. Harness the power of ROLLER's progressive checkout system to boost conversion rates and revenue. With these strategies, your FEC is ready to thrive in the competitive entertainment landscape.

Ensuring that your FEC's online presence is not just engaging but also conversion-friendly is vital. Here's how to harness this aspect effectively:

User-Friendly Website

A clean, well-organized, and easy-to-navigate website is a powerful tool. It should provide guests a seamless online experience from visiting your site until they complete their booking. Investing in responsive design and clear information presentation is critical

High-Performing Online Ticketing System

Your online checkout process is the ultimate conversion zone. ROLLER's progressive checkout system is designed with conversion in mind. It streamlines the ticketing and booking process, reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing the chances of completing a booking. From simplified booking forms to user-friendly payment gateways, an optimized checkout process is your golden ticket to increased revenue.

Key Metrics and Benchmarks to Watch:

Regularly analyze website traffic, bounce rates, and session duration.
For the online checkout, focus on metrics like cart abandonment rates and conversion rates. A cart abandonment rate below 70% and a conversion rate above 2.5% are healthy targets to aim for. (ROLLER customers see conversion rates much higher than this - over 10%!)

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3. Leveraging the power of email marketing

Email marketing remains a potent tool for engaging both current and potential guests. Here's how to leverage its potential:

Newsletter Subscriptions:

Encourage guests to subscribe to your newsletter to receive updates on upcoming events, promotions, and other relevant news.

Segmented Campaigns:

Customize your email marketing campaigns by segmenting your email list based on guest preferences and behaviors. Tailored content is more likely to convert. ROLLER's CRM experience system can help you create highly personalized marketing campaigns.

Automated Responses:

Implement automated responses for new subscribers, birthday greetings, and follow-up messages post-visit to enhance your relationship with guests.

Key metrics and benchmarks to watch:

  • Keep an eye on email open rates (15-25% is typically considered a solid range), click-through rates (aim for 2.5% or higher), and conversion rates (an average of 4.24% is a good starting point).
  • For segmented campaigns, the benchmark should be a 10% increase in engagement over non-segmented emails.

4. Cultivating loyalty with programs and promotions

To ensure families keep returning to your FEC, deploy a mix of loyalty programs, memberships, and special promotions:

Loyalty Cards and Memberships:

Create loyalty cards offering discounts or free visits after a certain number of FEC visits. This not only incentivizes repeat business but also nurtures a loyal customer base. Consider offering memberships to enhance the lifetime value of your guests and provide them with added value.

Birthday and Group Discounts:

Extend the joy of celebrations with special discounts for birthdays or group bookings. Successful group visits often lead to word-of-mouth recommendations. Efficient event management systems are essential for smooth operations.

Seasonal Promotions:

Craft targeted promotions for holidays, school breaks, and other relevant occasions to amplify your FEC's visibility and attract more families.

Key metrics and benchmarks to watch:

  • Monitor the enrollment and utilization of loyalty cards and memberships.
  • Assess the impact of special promotions on foot traffic and revenue. Strive for a minimum 10% increase in visitation due to seasonal promotions.

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By implementing these comprehensive marketing strategies, FECs can create unforgettable experiences that bring families back for more fun and entertainment. These strategies not only drive increased guest visitation but also contribute to enhanced revenue. 

Explore how ROLLER's venue management tools can empower your marketing initiatives and enhance your understanding of your guests. Thrive in this dynamic industry with strategies designed to unlock your FEC's full potential.