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The 5 Best Online Amusement Park Waiver Systems (2023 Edition)

online waiver systems

Waivers are essential in ensuring that your venue is protected. However, traditional paper waivers or inefficient digital waiver systems can hold up queues and sometimes make them longer. That can cause guests to become frustrated and unlikely to return.

To help, we created this article to compare five of the top amusement park waiver systems. We examine each system's features and how they can help you operate your venue, and manage your waivers, more smoothly.

What is a waiver?

A waiver is a legally binding document that, when signed, relinquishes the signee's right to make a specific legal claim against the party who has prepared the waiver.

For example, a trampoline park might ask guests to sign a waiver that stipulates that if guests do not take necessary precautions when jumping and, as a result, injure themselves, guests cannot hold the venue liable.

Digital/online waivers vs. physical waivers

The old way of getting guests to sign waivers was to ask them to sign a paper waiver document after purchasing their tickets and before participating in your venue's activities.

The problem here? Your guests want to get in and enjoy your venue! And they likely don’t want to deal with paperwork on their days off! Plus, getting your guests to sign a paper waiver means you have to spend time explaining the contents of what they are about to sign, which is time-consuming for both your guests and staff.

Enter digital waivers! Digital waivers are easy to use, quick, and can be signed ahead of time! You will also save time and money as you won’t have to purchase and sort large volumes of paperwork anymore.

It’s also much easier to locate a digital waiver than a physical one at a later date. And with digital waivers, your guest will receive a copy of their completed waiver via email.

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To help you find the best online waiver software for your venue, let's take an in-depth look at the five top systems in 2022.

TL;DR - Amusement park waiver systems compared


ROLLER Payments



Gatemaster Technology

CenterEdge Software

Waiver kiosks

Mobile-optimized waivers

Group and party waivers

Waiver QR codes

Ability to scan ID documents and capture photo of waiver  signee

All-in-one venue management system

Marketing support

24/7 support

1. ROLLER Software

ROLLER Software’s product is an all-in-one venue management system specifically designed for the attractions industry. It is cloud-based and mobile-optimized, meaning that you can access it from any device anywhere in the world.

ROLLER was founded in 2010, has over 100 employees, and operates globally. At the heart of ROLLER is their mission to assist attractions and leisure venues in providing exceptional, joyous experiences to their guests.

One of ROLLER’s key product features is digital waivers. ROLLER’s waivers are easy for staff and guests to use. The waivers are fully customizable by staff and are also really simple for guests to access and sign digitally.

Who is ROLLER built for?

The leisure and attractions industry. We work with rock-climbing gyms, trampoline parks, family entertainment centers, soft play and play centers, amusement parks, zoos, wildlife parks, and more!

Online waivers and associated features

ROLLER’s digital liability waiver is simple but very powerful. Waivers can be completed digitally from any device before guests attend your venue. ROLLER has purposely built waivers in this way to save you and your guests time and the hassle that can come with organizing, signing, and storing physical paper waivers.

All your guests have to do when they enter is scan their tickets at the point of sale, and the system will recognize whether they have signed a waiver.

Waiver kiosks

ROLLER also provides ‘waiver kiosks,’ which are in-venue from which guests can view and sign their waivers. So if they forget to sign before attending your venue, they still won’t have to do any waiting around and can quickly and easily sign from a waiver kiosk!

Waiver QR codes

Guests haven’t pre-signed their waivers? No problem! ROLLER offers waiver QR codes so guests can scan them and quickly sign their waivers from their mobile devices!

Group and party waivers

Waivers don’t have to kill the party! ROLLER’s optimized waiver signing user experience ensures that guests will have signed their waivers before attending the party. So the birthday boy/girl and venue staff remain relaxed and can enjoy the party!

Learn more about Parties and Group Bookings.

Customer data

Waivers can do more than just protect your legal liability; they can help your marketing campaigns! You heard right — when your guests fill out their waivers, you are given a multitude of valuable guest data.

You can capture data points such as visits, spends per head, purchases, and more! And from this information, you can create segmented, targeted marketing campaigns.

CRM for the attractions industry

From your dashboard, ROLLER allows you to track every bit of guest activity and interaction your guest has had with your venue — all in one single view. You can even message your guests directly from the platform if you find that any information is missing.  

This wealth of data effectively creates custom segmentation rules to group your guests for marketing purposes.

ROLLER has integrations with world-leading marketing automation software platforms to assist you even further in your marketing efforts. From our integrations, you’ll be able to create personalized, effective marketing campaigns and reach more guests.

All-in-one venue management software

ROLLER's fully integrated, cloud-based platform services all areas of venue management. So all your information will be in one place, remotely accessible, AND you’ll save money using one system rather than commissioning multiple providers.

Exceptional online checkout experience

ROLLER’s online checkout is fast, seamless, secure, and, most importantly, mobile-optimized.

The online checkout is integrated into one view and accepts Buy Now, Pay Later, and digital wallet payments.

Powerful POS

Fast and efficient POS systems are non-negotiable with modern-day guests. Everything is faster and more intuitive, so your POS should be too!

You can sell food, drink, tickets, AND merchandise from your ROLLER POS! All while delighting your guests with your POS speed and busting long lines!

The GX Score

ROLLER’s Guest Experience Score (the GX Score) collects and analyzes guest feedback for venues! This tool displays an accurate and detailed summary of guest feedback so that venues know what went great and where they could improve.

Knowing is half the battle, so with this tool, venues will learn precisely how to keep guests coming.

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In summary

ROLLER is a one-stop shop for venue management software. ROLLER provides a comprehensive suite of features to help in the everyday running of a leisure and attractions venue.

ROLLER’s digital waiver has been created to ensure that every guest signs it with the greatest of ease, so there are no bottlenecks in venue!

With the information collected from waivers, and the accompanying guest booking information, ROLLER also makes it easy to use this data for marketing campaigns and to propel business growth and performance.

2. WaiverFile

Founded in 2004, WaiverFile started as a custom software company. But as their online waiver system showed the most popularity, WaiverFile was born. Their mission is to create the most effective and convenient online waiver system.

Who is WaiverFile built for?

Adventure parks, kids activities, adventure tours, studio production, beauty salons and spas, automotive/motorsports, churches, watersports, paintball & shooting ranges, and more.

Online waivers and associated features

Sign from anywhere, on any device

WaiverFile allows guests to sign their online waivers from anywhere in the world!

Waiver kiosks

Your venue can set up kiosks with the WaiverFile app or on iOS or Android tablets to get guests through your venue faster! The app also works in offline mode.

Check-In dashboard

To help keep track of attendees at a party or group event, the platform has a ‘Check-In Dashboard’ where you can see who has arrived at your event and who is still to come.

Automatically sync data

With WaiverFile, the data collected on waiver forms are automatically sent to the services you use for CRM, email marketing, etc. — helping you in your customer management AND marketing efforts.

Scan documents and capture photos on the app

The WaiverFile App can scan documents and also take pictures of the person signing a waiver.

These two things help validate the identity of a person signing a waiver as they are forms of evidence.

In summary

WaiverFile’s strength is that they are a company that solely concentrates on creating and managing online waivers. They have worked hard to constantly improve their product in ways they have observed their customers want, such as introducing a ‘check-in dashboard.’

They are a good online waiver platform, but waivers are their solitary focus, so if you require further venue management services, you will have to commission other providers to cater to these needs.

3. Helmbot

HelmBot began in 2012 when they were frustrated with the booking software they used for their running wellness center. So they created their software: HelmBot!

Helmbot is now an all-in-one business management software solution designed initially as scheduling software.

Who is Helmbot made for?

Since being made for the wellness industry, Helmbot has expanded into multiple industries requiring venue-management and booking software.

Online waivers and associated features

Digital/ online waivers

Helmbot’s digital waivers are easy to complete and can be completed remotely or in-venue.

It reminds guests to fill out waivers ahead of time and will prompt them to re-sign waivers if a newer version is released.

Venues can also set various security thresholds for identity verification to meet legal requirements.

Remote, online appointment scheduling

With Helmbot, guests can schedule, book, and pay for their appointments online and on the go, as Helmbots’ interface is mobile-friendly.

Guests can also book for a group and fill out guest details online. They also have the option to book multiple sessions too.

Point of sale system

Helmbot’s POS system tracks and saves every action taken on the devices. It also accepts many different payment types but doesn’t offer Buy Now, Pay Later, or digital wallet options.

You can also ‘store cards’ and set up recurring payments for guests who opt-in.

In summary

A key drawback is that although Helmbot is a venue-management system and can cater to the attractions industry, at present, its main clientele are in the health and wellness industry. As such, the software may not be tailored to help optimize the running of an attraction's venue.

4. Gatemaster Technology

Gatemaster Technology was founded in 1994 and is now a leading point-of-sale and ticketing software for the attractions industry. Gatemaster is used in over ten different industries across 16 countries and services companies big and small.

Who is Gatemaster made for?

Businesses across the amusement and attractions industries, such as amusement parks, escape rooms, family entertainment centers, and more.

Online waivers and associated features

ParkWaiver: digital waiver feature

ParkWaiver allows venues to control waivers and all digital files from one centralized system.

With ParkWaiver, you can manage multiple waivers for different purposes on one system, and guests can view and sign these waivers in-venue or from their tablet or desktop devices.  

Gatemaster Mobile: payment processing application

Gatemaster’s mobile POS system, Gatemaster Mobile, is a mobile-optimized payment processing application from which vendors can sell tickets and concessions and even allow guests to rent items and book time slots.

However, this system does not appear to offer Buy Now, Pay Later, or digital wallet options, which are increasingly gaining popularity as preferred payment options.

Gatemaster Online: e-commerce solution

Gatemaster Online is a customizable e-commerce solution that helps venue operators build their online platforms.  

The team at Gatemaster works with operators to create a seamless customer online experience designed to increase conversions.

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PartyMaster: facility booking management software

PartyMaster gives guests direct access to book venue equipment and facilities without requiring concierge-level services to help them execute the event/ party. So your guests can essentially plan their party at your venue online and from the comfort of their own homes.  

This feature will reduce customer service time in venue, and your staff will only have to manage the event when it happens.  

In summary

Gatemaster Technology offers an impressive suite of features and has evolved well over the years. The PartyMaster feature is particularly convenient in this modern era, where most guests prefer to do almost everything online.

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5. CenterEdge Software

CenterEdge Software is headquartered in North Carolina, United States, and was founded in 2004.

It is a venue management software system for the entertainment and amusement industries. CenterEdge provides various solutions, including digital waivers, POS, ticketing, access control, guest analytics, and more.

Who is CentreEdge built for?

Waterparks, FECs, amusement parks, trampoline parks, adventure parks, museums, zoos, arcades, and more.

Online waivers and associated features

Digital waivers

CenterEdge liability waiver software allows guests to complete liability waivers online anytime and supports tablets, computers, and mobile devices.  

Venue operators can:

  • Tag any attraction via the POS device as requiring a waiver
  • Customize text and waiver clauses
  • Offer waivers in multiple languages
  • View completed waivers via POS

Ticketing and POS

From CenterEdge’s Advantage POS software, venue operators can book events and parties and sell tickets too. Also, from the POS, staff can include add-ons like waivers.

Tickets, packages, and memberships can also be sold online.  

Facilitating seamless access

CenterEdge uses barcoded tickets, wristbands, and handheld POS devices to help guests check in faster and more seamlessly.  

Marketing support

CenterEdge helps venues better understand guests' preferences and bolster marketing efforts by surveying guests about their experience, assisting with audience segmentation, and lending a hand with email marketing.

In summary

CenterEdge’s waiver product is thorough and offers the ability to tag the attractions requiring waivers and waivers being offered in different languages.

CenterEdge also provides beneficial marketing insights. However, guests are surveyed about their experience at the POS before leaving. And these days, guests are on the go, so when they leave your venue, they likely have somewhere else to be. So a mobile-optimized survey sent to their mobile phones afterward will likely reap better results.

Compare your options to find the best fit

All of the listed platforms offer unique online waiver software. WaiverFile is a platform that solely provides waiver services, while Gatemaster Technology offers digital waivers but is more centered around POS and ticketing as a business.

Helmbot, CenterEdge, and ROLLER are all-in-one venue management systems that include a digital waiver feature.

Ultimately, it comes down to what your venue is after and which platform suits your venue's current and future needs. Take time to explore your options, and reach out to any potential providers with questions you may have about their products' suitability for your venue.