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January Product Updates

Enjoy this short video demonstrating this months ROLLER updates including our NEW Groupon integration + ROLLER Academy + email delivery updates + POS membership enhancements + WorldPay and database security updates!


This release includes:

  • New ROLLER Academy
  • Groupon integration (beta)
  • Email delivery enhancements
    • Delivery statuses in Venue Manager
    • Trusted sender validation
  • WorldPay updates
    • POS membership payments enhancement
    • TriPOS cloud support
    • Ingenico Lane 3000 certification
    • Duplicate payment detection
    • Compulsory CVV
  • Database encryption at rest

Video transcript

ROLLER Academy

First up in this month's updates is the new ROLLER Academy. 

ROLLER Academy is a collection of short and engaging training videos, organised into courses to enable staff to quickly learn how to use ROLLER to do their roles. 

To access ROLLER Academy, visit 

Course content includes basic and advanced features of ROLLER POS and Venue Manager and are designed for venue Administrators, Managers and POS operators. These courses are perfect for new starters and also existing staff who want a refresher on different areas of the platform. 

Each video course includes a transcript and links to related help center articles which dive deeper into these topics.

ROLLER Academy is live and publicly available.

Groupon integration

Next is the new integration with Groupon.

Groupon is a fantastic channel to discover new audiences. This exciting integration provides guests with a seamless experience to purchase and book tickets via Groupon. 

When guests discover your Groupon deal, they’re now able to book and purchase in a single interaction on the Groupon website.

When activated, the ROLLER integration constantly syncs your product availability to Groupon and we automatically create a booking in ROLLER when a purchase is completed via Groupon.  This eliminates the manual process of redeeming Groupon vouchers, greatly improving the experience for both guests and staff.

These bookings are recorded with a specific Groupon tender in ROLLER, to enable venues to report and reconcile revenue. 

Setting up Groupon deals is quick, managing Groupon bookings is super simple and reporting on Groupon recognised revenue is now automated in ROLLER. 

The Groupon integration is currently in beta and will be available initially to all US customers in March.

Email deliverability

Delivery statuses

Next is email deliverability. 

Email is great when everything works, but sometimes problems delay or prevent delivery. 

In the past, when a guest calls reporting that they haven't received an email, there hasn't been much staff could do other than resend the email and hope it gets there.

To solve this we've now added email delivery statuses to the Booking activity stream in Venue Manager. I’ll quickly show you how it works:

Open the booking in Venue Manager and as you can see here the activity stream now displays the emails delivery status.

Hovering on an email status shows a detailed explanation and provides tips so that staff can quickly identify and resolve any delivery issue. In this case the email address was incorrectly entered and the staff member can resend to the correct email address.

Additionally if the recipient's email address is blocked due to past delivery failures, staff can now unblock and resend if they’re confident that this problem has been corrected like this.

This enhancement provides staff with tools to quickly identify and resolve these email delivery issues which often frustrate guests. 

This update is live and available to all customers.

Trusted sender certification

We’ve also been working to become certified as a trusted global email sender.

The path an email takes to the inbox is more complex than most people are aware. Mailbox providers have complicated filtering algorithms for deciding what email is accepted and whether it is placed in the inbox or in the spam folder. In fact, one in five messages never reaches the inbox. 

ROLLER has now achieved certification as a trusted sender by Validity which will guarantee email delivery to all major providers. This certification is being applied progressively across our outbound SMTP IP addresses and will be complete within the next couple of weeks, ensuring your guests receive their emails.

Worldpay updates

POS Membership payments

Next are a number of updates to our integrations with WorldPay. The first of these is a massive improvement that reduces the time to create memberships at POS. 

Staff will no longer be required to manually enter card information when capturing a debit/credit card and creating a recurring membership token at POS. A token will be automatically captured via the guests authorisation at the payment terminal, creating a vastly faster and more accurate process. 

This improvement is live and available to all venues using Worldpay, however, note that it requires venues to adopt a single merchant account for POS and online transactions. 

Worldpay hardware updates

Next is support for new payment terminals.

The Verifone VX 805 is being deprecated by WorldPay and so we’ve integrated with the Ingenico Lane 3000 terminals.

Additionally we added support for the TriPOS Cloud integration which allows for quicker set up of card terminals, improved connectivity with ROLLER POS, additional security and configuration features. 

This enhancement is live and available to all venues using a Worldpay POS payment integration.

Other Worldpay updates

Closing out the WorldPay updates we’ve shipped a number of other updates and enhancements to WorldPay including duplicate payment detection and compulsory CVV verification.

Encryption at Rest

Finally to round out our updates for the month, our teams have been busy deploying several major database infrastructure upgrades to provide data encryption at rest protection. 

Encryption at rest is the process of modifying data into a format that unauthorized users are not able to decrypt and is a key protection mechanism against data breaches.

Data protection is a topic and cost not often considered by businesses until governments implement policy or a data breach occurs. ROLLER’s site reliability engineers are constantly working to implement best practices such as encryption at rest to ensure your data is secure and your business is protected.