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Insights from AALARA: Leveraging Data-Driven Strategies for Growth

We had such a great time at the AALARA Conference! This incredible event is a fantastic opportunity for the amusement and attractions industry to share knowledge and drive the sector forward. This year was particularly special for ROLLER, as we were privileged to attend as sponsors and exhibitors, immerse ourselves in enriching conversations, forge new relationships, and gain invaluable insights.

If you’re curious about the key takeaways from the event, strap in—we’ll share some actionable tips that can help attraction venues thrive.

A Stage to Celebrate Industry Leadership

One highlight from the AALARA Conference was the focus on leading teams in changing times. The sessions covered crucial topics like "Who Are You Hiring, and Why?", shaping a sustainable business, and effective risk management. These discussions were invaluable, providing insights into building resilient teams and businesses in the amusement industry.

Key takeaways:

  • Industry leaders emphasized the importance of strategic hiring and understanding the motivations behind team-building decisions as well as practical solutions to common staffing challenges
  • Shaping a sustainable business involves not just environmental considerations but also financial and operational sustainability.
  • Effective risk management strategies are essential for long-term success and stability.

Meeting and Exceeding Guest Expectations

Another key focus of the conference was on how to meet and exceed guest expectations. The sessions provided practical advice on delivering personalized experiences that delight visitors and foster loyalty. And ICYMI, we recently published a guide to visitor segmentation that can help you do just that. Check it out, here

Key takeaways:

  • Personalized experiences are becoming a key differentiator for attractions. Understanding guest preferences and tailoring experiences accordingly can significantly enhance satisfaction.
  • The importance of guest feedback in continually improving and adapting offerings was a recurrent theme.
  • Leveraging technology to track and analyze guest interactions can provide valuable insights for enhancing the visitor experience.

Using Data to Understand Guests

The overarching theme this year was using data to better understand guests. Discussions highlighted how data analytics can drive business growth by offering deeper insights into visitor behaviors and preferences.

Turning Insights into Impact

Effective use of data analytics allows operators to transform raw data into actionable insights. This helps in making informed decisions about operations, product offerings, marketing strategies, and guest experiences. By understanding visitor behaviors and preferences, venues can enhance guest satisfaction, optimize performance, and drive business growth.

How ROLLER Helps

At ROLLER, we are committed to helping venues leverage data to enhance their operations. Our Analytics tool, powered by Google BigQuery, gives you an easy-to-use, visual summary of how your key business performance metrics are trending over time, allowing you to see, at a glance, where you’re excelling and what you may need to investigate further.

Point-of-Sale Reports

Our POS system delivers detailed reports, offering a clear picture of sales performance. Track sales by item, category, or staff, and gain insights into peak times and popular products to optimize your offerings.

Guest Analytics

ROLLER’s analytics tools help you understand guest behaviors and preferences. Analyze data such as visit frequency, purchase history, and feedback to create personalized experiences that drive loyalty and satisfaction.

Business Insights

Access timely business insights to make informed decisions quickly. Our dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of your venue’s performance, highlighting areas for improvement and growth opportunities.

Case Study: Geheimdepot Saves Three Hours a Week with Analytics

Geheimdepot, an attraction venue in Germany, significantly improved its operations by using ROLLER's all-in-one platform. 

Owner Marvin Reuter highlights how ROLLER's Analytics tool saves him three hours weekly by providing quick and comprehensive insights into revenue, guest behaviors, and business performance. 

But don’t take our word for it. Read what Marvin had to say about the continuous updates ROLLER releases to the platform, the robust support we provide and how easy it was to train his staff with our resources, here

We Can’t Wait to Do It All Again


Reflecting on our time at the AALARA Conference, we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a dynamic and inspiring event!

We left the conference with not only new ideas and strategies but also with a sense of anticipation for the industry's future. We look forward to the next AALARA Conference, where we hope to reconnect with old friends and build new relationships. Until then, we’ll continue to work tirelessly to support the amusement industry with innovative solutions that enable operators to grow their businesses!

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