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February 2022 Product Updates

Enjoy this short video demonstrating this month's ROLLER updates including our integration with Intercard, user permissions for reports, GX Score language support, GX Score QR codes, Fiskaly updates, and Playground enhancements. 


This release includes:

  • Integration with Intercard
  • User permissions for reports
  • GX Score language support
  • GX Score QR codes
  • Fiskaly updates, and
  • Playground enhancements

Video transcript


Integration with Intercard

This month we've released a fantastic new integration with Intercard, a world-leading cashless technology provider for Family Entertainment Centers.

ROLLER's integration makes managing your arcade machines easy by allowing you to:

  • Complete purchases of cash, bonus cash, or time and assign them to Intercard RFID cards,
  • Check card balances, and
  • Top-up cards with additional value

Directly at any ROLLER point of sale device.

To create a product to be assigned to a cashless card, simply log into Venue manager, navigate to Products, then select Create a product.

Select Cashless card, enter details of your product to be sold and select what type of purchases you’d like to be able to make. This might be a set dollar amount, a time limit, or an open value – allowing point of sale operators to choose a custom amount from a pre-defined range, upon purchase or top-up.

You can provide offers that include bonus cash, by adding a higher redeemable value to the card than the purchase price such as this example where a guest will receive $20 in arcade value when they purchase a $10 top-up.

Once you’ve completed the product's configuration, click Save and publish and the product will be ready for sale. You can then add this to a point-of-sale device and start selling.

To sell a cashless card or top-up funds, simply log into your point of sale device, navigate to Cards, select the product requested and scan the Intercard via a connected RFID reader.

To check a balance, simply log into your point of sale device, navigate to Search and scan the Intercard via the reader and available balances will then be displayed.

To implement or find out more about the Intercard integration, simply contact your account manager or support.

User permissions for reports

Next up, we’ve added new user permissions to provide you with greater control over access to reports within Venue Manager.

Previously, staff members were only able to access all reports or no reports. With this update, you can now enable staff members to access specific categories of reports including:

  • Summary reports
  • Sales reports
  • Transaction reports
  • Guest reports
  • Operation reports, and
  • Accounting reports

Administrators and managers have access to all reports by default, and if you’re on a Pro plan and above, you can create more flexible user permissions by configuring Custom Roles via Venue Manager.

To configure user permissions for reporting, simply log into your Venue Manager, navigate to Settings, Staff, then Roles.

Select the role you would like to configure, then scroll down to the new "Reporting" section. Select what type of access you’d like to give to the user and click Save.

GX Score language support
Next up, to help you support a broader customer base, we’ve added translations for French, German, Spanish, and Dutch in the Guest Experience Score survey.

This means that guests who take the Guest Experience Score survey will now be shown survey questions in the language that’s native to their browser.

If a user's language is not supported, the survey will default to your venue’s language settings, and finally English.

Alternatively, if the guest's language is incorrectly configured in their browser they can also select their preferred language from the selector.

GX Score QR codes

Next up, to help venues capture feedback from guests that don’t sign waivers or purchase online, we’ve now added the ability to share surveys via a QR code or URL.

This feature allows you to place QR codes at key areas within your venue such as exits or a cafe table, and encourage guests to give feedback via their mobile devices.

The GX Score will still enable you to offer automated discounts for providing feedback and this new feature creates another opportunity to capture valuable customer data.

To activate your venue’s QR code or URL, simply log into Venue Manager, navigate to Settings then GX Score. You’ll see a new section that allows you to select whether you’d like to manually share surveys. Once you do you’ll be presented with the option to copy a URL or download your QR code. You can then print this, and place it around your venue. Any responses from these sources will automatically be recorded in the guest experience score.

Fiskaly updates
Next up, to comply with fiscal compliance regulations in Germany and implement several other enhancements, we’ve updated our Fiskaly integration to support version 2 of their API.

The Fiskaly solution ensures that all point-of-sale devices comply with Germany’s KassenSichV regulation as an officially certified technical security system (or TSS), without the need for additional hardware.

Our latest update not only complies with regulations but also significantly reduces the time it takes to process and print a receipt, improving POS operations and your guest’s experience.

Further to this, version 2 of Fiskaly also replaces the signature text on receipts with a QR code, which helps to reduce paper waste and provides a clearer receipt for your guests.

If you already have a Fiskaly integration, we have automatically migrated your integration to V2, so you’ll benefit from this upgrade immediately.

Playground enhancements

Finally, this month we’ve fixed a few issues and added some enhancements to your Playground environment.

Some customers have experienced issues with accessing features in Playground that are restricted to Pro and Enterprise plans. 

We’ve now updated playground environments to access all Enterprise level features, which means you'll have unlimited access to ROLLER features, allowing you to experience and test features regardless of what plan you are on. 

In addition to this, we’ve also fixed a few infrastructure issues that affected some Playground environments following recent upgrades.