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August Product Updates

Enjoy this short video demonstrating this months ROLLER updates including Keyboard shortcuts + Membership dunning + WorldPay account updater + Staff management + Performance enhancements. 


This release includes:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Membership dunning
  • WorldPay account updater
  • Staff management
  • Performance enhancements 

Video transcript

Keyboard shortcuts

First up are enhancements to keyboard shortcuts in Venue Manager. 

Earlier this year, we introduced a bunch of awesome time saving keyboard shortcuts to enable you to instantly access frequently used features and pages in Venue Manager including global search, create booking, reports and venue switching

Now we’ve added further enhancements so that your fingers never need to leave the keyboard. You can now use the up and down keys to navigate through search results, ENTER to select a result and ESC to close the panel. 

These same keys and new behaviours also help when switching venues to scroll and select venues in the list and close the panel 

We’ve also enhanced the search experience by pre-selecting this search text when returning to the search panel so that you can immediately enter a new search term!

These enhancements are live and available to all customers.

Membership dunning 

Next are enhancements to the Membership dunning process.

Each time a recurring membership renews, ROLLER automatically attempts to collect payment and when payment fails the platform commences a process known as dunning to collect this outstanding payment.

We’ve researched over 12 months recurring payment data to identify patterns to optimise the collection of your recurring revenue. When the first recurring payment collection fails, the process will now retry the payment 4 times, including frequent payroll and credit card settlement dates.

Additionally we will suspend the membership earlier than the previous process whilst still attempting to collect payment in the background. If the guest visits the venue after the 2nd collection attempt has failed and their membership is suspended, staff can collect payment immediately to end the dunning process and restore the recurring payment membership to an active state.

WorldPay account updater

Also to aid optimisation of recurring payment revenue, we’ve added support for Worldpay’s account updater service.

We’ve integrated WorldPay’s Account Updater service so that when a recurring payment fails for specific reasons such as Expired card, Lost or Stolen card, the ROLLER platform will request updated card information from the card provider.

This will update the card data that WorldPay has stored automatically without guest interaction and improve the success of processing recurring payments.

ROLLER Payments already utilises real time update functionality however if you're using WorldPay you will need to contact WorldPay to have the Account Updater service activated on your merchant account. Once activated by WorldPay, contact the ROLLER support team to have it enabled for your venue.

Staff management

Next are several improvements to creating and managing staff records.

Let's start with the experience in Venue Manager. We’ve added these icons to the All Staff page to clearly illustrate which staff members are assigned to the Account Holder, Main Contact and Billing contact roles. If you’re an Account Holder you can also quickly add and remove these contact roles right here.

Creating new staff member records is faster now that we’ve removed the password field and automatically created a POS PIN.

Staff will now receive this updated welcome email and clicking the activate link allows them to set their password and provide their contact number.

Finally, for added security, staff must complete this activation process before they will be able to access ROLLER.

Performance enhancements

Finally our teams have deployed a huge number of tweaks, enhancements and infrastructure upgrades to improve both the performance and reliability of the platform.

We know ROLLER is critical to your business's operation and understand the impact it has if it's not operating perfectly.