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April 2022 Product Updates

Enjoy this short video demonstrating this month's ROLLER updates including our new free plan for the Guest Experience Score, an all-new online checkout app, tipping enhancements, and emailing receipts from POS.


This release includes:

  • A new free plan for the Guest Experience Score
  • An all-new online checkout app
  • Tipping enhancements, and
  • Emailing receipts from POS

Video transcript


GX Score - New free plan

Collecting guest feedback is critical to success in any business, especially leisure and attraction venues. To help you understand your guest sentiment and improve the experience you provide to your guests, we’ve updated the Guest Experience Score with all-new subscription plans including a free plan.

In the free plan, you’ll receive up to 50 survey responses a month and access to core features including:

  • Automatic sending of surveys
  • The ability to share surveys via a URL or QR code
  • Offering incentives (such as discount codes) to guests
  • Daily guest experience score updates, and
  • Seamless integration between guest feedback and booking data

Activating the Guest Experience Score is super simple, just log into Venue Manager, navigate to Guests and GX Score, then follow the prompts.

Once you’re happy with the settings, you can click to “start sending surveys”, and guests will automatically be sent a survey after their visit.

You will also have unlimited access to the entire Guest Experience Score tool for your first 30 days, which means there will be no limits on responses or the features you can use.

After these 30 days, you’ll continue to have free access to the Guest Experience Score and you can upgrade at any time to obtain more guest responses and access all the Guest Experience Score features.

If you’re not already using the Guest Experience Score, you’ll be amazed at the improvements it can make to your business. The free plan is a fantastic opportunity for you to automate guest feedback, understand guests’ perception of your experience, and align staff with guest satisfaction - all at no additional cost.

Give it a go today!

All new online checkout app

Next up, we’re incredibly thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our brand new, online checkout experience.

COVID accelerated the movement to online purchasing in the leisure and attraction industry. This trend has continued and it has become more important than ever to provide guests with an exceptional, mobile-optimized experience.

While our existing online checkout is industry-leading, our new online checkout takes the experience to a whole new level.

We’ve invested a huge amount of time reimagining the online purchasing experience, starting with a year-long redesign process and a complete rebuild from the ground up to provide you with:

  • A beautiful checkout experience optimized for mobile devices,
  • Greater flexibility in the products you sell,
  • Improved convenience for guests,
  • Advanced fraud protection tools,
  • Powerful analytics, and
  • Conversion rate and average transaction value enhancements

The first phase of this massive project has been completed and we’re working with a number of customers to live test the new checkout experience.

The next phases include support for logged-in user experiences, table-based ordering of food and beverage, and mobile push notifications.

This is a huge step to growing your revenue and creating experiences that guests adore. The early access program is open now and available to all customers, so if you’d like to take part, contact your account manager or support to learn more.

Tipping enhancements

Next up, we’re very excited to announce significant improvements to tipping for ROLLER Payments, making it much easier to process tips both at the time of purchase and after a guest has departed.

These enhancements allow you to configure ROLLER Payments terminals to prompt guests for tips at the time of payment. We’re also tokenizing all card payments so that the card information is securely stored, allowing you to process tips at any time – even after the guest has left.

These changes make purchases faster and easier for both guests and staff.

Additionally, tips can now be allocated to specific staff members or to a pool and we have built a number of safeguards into this process, including:

  • Management approval for tips above preset limits,
  • Restrictions on the timing of tips, in order to prevent fraud, and
  • Logging which staff members process a tip, as well as which POS device is used,

We’ve also updated our tip reporting to give you clear visibility on information such as:

  • Which payment methods are used,
  • Who assigned and collected tips,
  • Which devices were used,
  • Revenue, both gross and net of tips,
  • Tip notes, and
  • Much more

All of these enhancements are free and available to all customers using ROLLER Payments.

For more information on tipping or ROLLER payments, please visit our help center, speak with your account manager, or contact support.

Email receipts from POS

Finally, this month, to help you capture valuable contact information from your guests, and improve their experience, we’ve now added the ability to email receipts to guests.

When a guest makes a purchase from the point-of-sale, simply click the option to email a receipt, select a guest by entering their email, and ROLLER will automatically email them a receipt.

If you don’t already have a record of your guest, you can simply create a new one from your point of sale screen.

Collecting guests’ contact information not only provides you with an opportunity to drive repeat business by emailing guests promotions but also serves to collect valuable feedback via the Guest Experience Score.

This is free and available to all customers. To enable this feature, simply log into Venue Manager, navigate to Apps > Point of Sale, then from the Recepts settings section, select Receipts can be emailed from POS.