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4 Easy Ways To Use Wristbands To Eliminate Queues

4 Easy Ways To Use Wristbands To Eliminate Queues

Wristbands are a fantastic tool to manage the flow of guests, reduce congestion, and manage capacity at your venue. 

There are four simple ways leisure and attractions venues can use wristbands to manage capacity better and streamline operations. From automating wristband allocation to incorporating RFID wristband technology, read on to discover our top tips.

1. Track session times to avoid overcrowding 

If your venue offers session-based tickets with a start and end time, such as a 60-minute jump pass, wristbands can help you quickly track session times and effectively manage guest flow. 

You can allocate different wristband colors or designs to guests based on their time slot. For example, give all guests with a 12 pm jump pass a blue wristband, orange for 1 pm, and green for 2 pm. 

Then you can easily make a quick announcement over the intercom to let guests know when their session is nearing completion to ensure you don’t exceed capacity limits if guests don’t leave on time.

2. Simplify party management to save party hosts time

Wristbands help you streamline operations for party bookings. You can allocate all party guests the same color wristband to help party hosts quickly identify the guests who are part of a party group. That way, everyone is where they need to be without delay or confusion, and party guests don’t get lost in crowds of other guests. 

Party wristbands will also help party hosts maximize the guest experience by ensuring guests receive the correct food and beverage package and any other experiences they’re entitled to with their party booking. This will go a long way in creating a seamless guest and staff experience.

3. Customize the guest experience for different groups 

Wristbands can also help you customize and personalize your service for different guests in your venue.
Different wristband colors can be allocated to participants and spectators to eliminate confusion for staff about which guests have paid to take part in activities, and which are there to supervise. Not only does this help guests move easily and quickly around the venue, but it ensures you don’t accidentally exceed capacity limits.

Wristbands can also help you identify members at your venue. As your most valuable and loyal guest group, maximizing the guest experience for your members is essential. You want to make sure they’re having the best possible time and are receiving all their membership inclusions. For example, your members may be entitled to a longer play or jump time or to skip queues for different attractions. Quickly identifying members by wristband color can streamline this process for your staff while improving the guest experience. 

4. Use RFID wristbands to automate access to different venue areas

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) wristbands can be worn and used by guests. These wristbands can store digital data, such as card or ticket details. By scanning their wristband on an RFID reader at an entry gate, guests can gain access as their wristband data is captured.

RFID wristbands can hold various data types, including guest card information for cashless payments and ticket and membership information.

RFID wristbands are a popular option among larger venues offering multiple attractions, like water parks, amusement parks, and FECs. They come with a host of benefits, namely they:

  • Streamline the entry process and make it more effortless.
  • Make it easier for guests to spend more as they allow for cashless payments.
  • Ensure guests only participate in the experiences they've paid for, as without the correct wristband, they won’t be allowed to enter certain zones.
  • Act as a safety feature to ensure young kids can’t accidentally gain access to an attraction that’s too advanced for them.
  • Decrease the chances of theft as the bands are securely on guests' wrists and are more challenging to steal than a wallet or mobile phone.
  • Provide real-time data, such as the most popular attractions and top food and beverage items.  

There are a number of RFID wristband solutions that can be integrated with your venue management platform, such as Alvarado.

How ROLLER helps you streamline wristband management

So how does ROLLER help you implement these top tips at your venue? ROLLER has a number of features designed to help you leverage wristbands to streamline operations and reduce queues.

Automate wristband allocation

We heard from many ROLLER customers that they still use manual wristband schedules to identify what color wristband to allocate to each guest. This takes up extra time at check-in and can take time away from the guest's time in the venue.

With ROLLER’s new wristband management feature, we can automate this process for you, reducing your queues and the time it takes to redeem guest tickets! 

Customers configure their venue’s wristbands in the ROLLER platform so that when guests arrive, ROLLER will automatically assign the correct color wristband to that guest based on the session time or product they’ve booked. 

POS booking screen with description of which wristbands to allocate guests

All you need to do is make sure you have all the correct color wristbands handy so you can pass them straight to guests. Your staff will love the convenience, and your guests will delight at the speed and ease of entry!

Wristband management is one of the ROLLER features we are most excited about! It has reduced check-in time for staff and guests by 25%. Plus, we don’t need to worry about staff accidentally giving out the wrong wristband, and our front counters are no longer cluttered with wristband cheat sheets.
Hailey Jepson
Operations Manager, Elevate Trampoline Park


You can find out more about wristband management here.

Automate guest access with Alvarado

ROLLER integrates with Alvarado to streamline access control by allowing guests to self-scan tickets, membership cards, or RFID wristbands at automated control gates. 

With faster ticket redemption and automated access, you can easily manage high volumes of guests, providing a convenient, enjoyable experience.

Read more about how to use RFID wristbands in your venue here

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Whether you want to manage session times, organize parties, or streamline the flow of guests in your venue, wristbands are a great way to save staff time and maximize the guest experience.

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