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Velocity re-signs with ROLLER to streamline its guest experience

Velocity Trampoline Park Group is an operator of six venues in the UK, with their two trampoline parks located at Wigan and Widnes, being some of the first to open in Europe.

As a pioneer in the industry, Velocity were an early adopter of ROLLER and achieved strong growth operationally over a number of years.

Despite their success, they wanted to ensure they were continuing to explore ways to improve their guest experience and decided to trial an alternative booking platform that leveraged Salesforce’s brand to support a promise of more advanced functionality and a better customer experience.

Soon after Velocity progressed with trialling the alternative booking software, they started to experience a number of operational problems and receive concerning feedback from customers via calls. After they investigated the items further, it was clear that the quality of their guests' booking experience was being negatively impacted, leading to reduced attendance and ultimately lost revenue.

Different software, different guest experience

Given the magnitude of the problems caused by the alternative system, Velocity promptly doubled down on its partnership with ROLLER, expanding its use of available functionality and further optimizing its booking process. Recently, we spoke with Cheryl Cosgrove, Managing Director of Velocity Group, about the experience and why she decided to re-sign with ROLLER.

With regard to the alternate booking system Velocity trialled, Cherly commented;

“We found that the customers online booking journey was negatively impacted, it’s very long-winded, there were more clicks to get to the payment page, and aesthetically it is not as nice looking or as well branded as ROLLER."

Velocity found out first hand how differences in the quality and performance of it’s booking software can have a material impact on the guest experience and its financial performance.

"We had some issues where customers would get to the payment page and then depending on what device they were using sometimes the booking would just disappear, and that would result in a phone call. Overall, this resulted in a loss of revenue for the businesses, and impacted the experience we try to provide for our guests."

Velocity’s staff also expressed concern regarding the trial, as it was visually clear that operationally the change in software systems was detracting from their guests’ onsite experience.

"We found that if a customer did a waiver on the waiver station it would not automatically upload into the till, meaning that queue times increased, and the guests’ experience was impacted.”

By contrast, Cheryl noted;

"I would say that the ROLLER system is idiot-proof and easy to use, and setting up products is quite easy from a staff point of view. This along with the faster check-in process is why our onsite team preferred ROLLER.


Seamless transition and a bright future ahead!

After running the alternative solution for around two months, Velocity made the decision to switch back all their venues to ROLLER and also migrate their three softplay venues to ROLLER. They cited the performance difference in the overall guest experience as the critical factor;

"ROLLER is definitely the best option for our business, with a far superior guest experience, which we now can appreciate. The transition back was seamless.”

Since re-signing, Velocity and ROLLER have come together to tighten their relationship and break new ground in enhancing Velocity’s guest experience further.

“In the past, we have not taken advantage of all the functionality ROLLER offers, so we are now looking forward to making the most of the capabilities at our disposal. We are particularly excited about adopting more of their new innovations, like the self-service kiosks and marketing automation capabilities."

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