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5 Benefits of Self-Serve Kiosks You Never Knew!

What do airlines, cinemas, hotels, and supermarkets all have in common? Self-serve kiosks! It’s what your guests expect to encounter when making a purchase.

Self-serve kiosks (SSKs) can help you improve your guest experience, streamline your operations, AND drive revenue.

Here’s how SSKs can benefit your venue and help it navigate rising guest expectations.


Why self-serve kiosks?

The global COVID-19 pandemic came as a shock and hit businesses hard. Many had to deal with changing government regulations, decreased guest numbers, and managing expectations regarding safety.

Doing all this while coming to terms with the changing state of the world has not been easy for venue operators who have had to navigate labor shortages, rising team member expectations, and a new world of post-pandemic increased guest expectations.


How do self-serve kiosks work?

Self-serve kiosks enable guests to self-initiate and complete purchases without interacting with staff. They streamline the normal purchase flow that occurs with traditional point-of-sale systems.

SSKs are often positioned at the venue's entrance and allow guests to sign digital waivers, buy tickets, products, and even check-in﹘all by themselves.

SSKs can be configured in the way the venue prefers and will sell and promote products pre-selected by you.

Just imagine how much smoother guest entry and check-in will be with SSKs. Instead of assigning one team member to check in with every person who enters your venue, guests can now do this themselves!

As a result, your team members will have more time to interact with your guests and can better spend their time ensuring that the guest experience is fantastic.


How self-serve kiosks can benefit your venue

1. Fast, easy, more convenient check-in experience for guests

With guests using SSKs to buy their tickets and products and sign their waivers, your lines move faster!

And if you have multiple SSK devices, this will mean less queuing﹘which is a significant culprit in negatively affecting the guest experience!

Guests entering their information by themselves also means that the amount of operator error will be reduced, as the chances of anything being misheard over the counter is eliminated.

2. Less in-venue staff required

As mentioned earlier, the more SSKs you have, the less staff you require. Plus, your in-venue staff will have more time to do value-adding things for your guests.

Using SSKs also means that less cash will be kept on site. Less physical cash is safer and also means less frequent cash collection.

In other words, you’ll save money AND provide a better staff AND guest experience.

3. Guests can sign waivers using SSKs

Guests can also sign waivers with SSKs. At traditional waiver stations, guests who enter their details must join a ticketing queue before entering the venue.

Self serve kiosks benefits: Sign digital waiver

With an SSK that includes an integrated waiver flow, guests can do everything they need at the one terminal. This results in a more seamless check-in process and fewer queues.

Learn more about digital waivers here.

4. Automate upsells and add-ons with SSKs

Training your staff to upsell and present relevant add-ons to customers is difficult. Especially when your team is likely more focused on helping your guests have a great time in your venue.

With SSKs, you can build logic to automate add-ons and upsells so the guest is always presented with additional items that will improve their experience.

Additionally, when a guest is standing at an SSK with extra time to think about what they want (without any added pressure of feeling like they’re being put on the spot), they are more likely to purchase from you.

Added pressure will only drive guests away from purchasing. So in this way, SSKs can help to increase the average customer spend.

5. Drive up revenue

Ordering from self-serve kiosks has shown to generate up to 30% higher value orders than in-person orders.

And as mentioned above, when guests have the space and time to view and think about the add-ons they might want, they will purchase more from your business.

Imagine this scenario. You’re in-venue and finally reached the front of a long queue. Your operator is asking if you want to purchase a higher-priced add-on.

Now think about how you feel: you’re tired and slightly annoyed from having to wait in line for so long; maybe you brought your kids, and they’re also getting grizzly.

It was supposed to be a family-fun day out. But now, there’s a whole line of impatient people behind you who just want you to order and get out of their way, and you feel the pressure to do this.

In this situation, would you feel comfortable purchasing the higher-priced add-on? Or would you just want the transaction to be over as soon as possible so you don’t find yourself in a surprise stampede?

Okay, so surprise stampede might be an exaggeration, but you catch our drift, right? No one wants to spend more when they’re uncomfortable.

Check out how one of our customers, Jump In (one of the UK’s largest trampoline park operators), uses SSKs exclusively and how they:

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced direct-payroll costs by 8%, and
  • Cut queue times


Your guests want self-service kiosks

We know you’re all about giving your guests the absolute best experience that they can have in-venue. You want them to be so blown away that they come back and bring all their friends. Guest satisfaction and convenience are key, starting when they enter your building.

SSKs are user-friendly, improve operational efficiency, and increase revenue. All this will also provide your business with tangible improvements to the guest flow and experience.

For more information about creating and managing your SSK devices with ROLLER, please see the below links: