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Your Comprehensive Guide to IAAPA Expo 2023

Your Comprehensive Guide to IAAPA Expo 2023

The IAAPA Expos hold immense significance within the global entertainment and attractions industry. These annual events bring together professionals, innovators, manufacturers, suppliers, and venue operators worldwide to showcase the latest advancements in amusement park technology, attractions, and experiences. They provide a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among industry leaders, allowing them to stay updated on emerging trends, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships. 

IAAPA Expos are pivotal in driving innovation and enhancing the overall guest experience in theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, and other leisure destinations. As the industry evolves to meet guests' changing demands and expectations, these expos serve as catalysts for growth, fostering a vibrant and dynamic community that continually pushes the boundaries of entertainment and attractions. In essence, IAAPA Expos are more than just trade shows; they are the heartbeat of an industry that brings joy and wonder to millions worldwide.

So, when is IAAPA 2023? It will be held November 13 - 17 in Orlando, Florida! ROLLER will be exhibiting at booth #2849 and is thrilled to be a platinum sponsor. It is the industry’s largest trade show floor and will host more than 20,000 attendees and hundreds of exhibitors.

Before it all kicks off, read our article on IAAPA’s history and importance, what to expect at IAAPA Orlando this year, how to prepare for the conference, and how ROLLER will participate.

What is IAAPA and what is the IAAPA Expo?

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) is the premier organizer of global attractions industry events and the facilitator of marketplace connections. 

With a history spanning over a century, IAAPA has been fostering connections among businesses of all scales and individuals of various expertise levels, all aimed at creating memorable experiences for guests across the globe.

IAAPA organizes worldwide events and conferences that disseminate successful ideas and best practices. Furthermore, they furnish valuable tools and resources designed to enhance the intelligence, safety, and profitability of all their members' enterprises while delivering exceptional guest experiences that continuously surprise and captivate.

Established in 1918, IAAPA advocates for prominent attractions and supplier companies, as well as consultants and individuals from more than 100 nations. Their membership encompasses professionals from a broad spectrum of the industry, including amusement parks, theme parks, attractions, water parks, resorts, family entertainment centers, zoos, aquariums, science centers, museums, cruise lines, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Who will be there?

IAAPA Expo 2023 is the go-to destination for professionals hailing from an array of sectors, including amusement and theme parks, hotels and resorts, water parks, family entertainment centers, location-based entertainment centers, historical and cultural attractions, museums, science centers, zoos, aquariums, and cruise lines. 

This year, like every year, we will be attending and demonstrating our product for attendees, and we will be in good company! Other attendees this year include:

Major events and highlights of IAAPA 2023

IAAPA Expo 2023 has many beneficial and insightful information sessions, education sessions, special events, and speaking sessions. A few significant sessions you don’t want to miss include:

  • Our own Chris McBoyle and Greg Spittle speak on How Data-Driven Tech Drives Business Growth & Delivers World-Class Experiences! Their session will cover how to drive revenue, scale efficiently, and more. You can catch them on November 15th from 12:30 PM - 12:50 PM at EDU talk stage S220DE.
  • The FEC reception, where we are a platinum sponsor! It will take place at the Hyatt Regency, Windermere Y-Z, on November 13, running from 7:30 to 9 p.m. This event is hosted by the IAAPA Family Entertainment Center Committee and is a networking occasion, bringing together FEC owners, managers, and more, from all corners of the world to share valuable insights and cutting-edge ideas.
  • Increase Guest Visits and Revenue by Brandon Willey CEO at Hownd. In this session, learn why Hownd created its automated Experience Promotion Platform and how it helps Location Based Entertainment and Attractions distribute promotions, get more guest visits, and make more money from past and nearby consumers.
ROLLER is also hosting an exclusive customer VIP reception as well as daily happy hours at our booth. Stop by #2849 to say hello and grab a drink!

What ROLLER brings to IAAPA 2023

At ROLLER, we have attended IAAPA Expos for many years, and we always find them value-packed, supremely well-organized, and insightful.

This year's participation includes our aforementioned speaking session on How Data-Driven Tech Boosts Business Growth & Elevates Guest Experiences and further benefits your venue by helping you expand your guest reach, drive revenue growth, scale effectively, enhance operational efficiencies, and elevate guest satisfaction.

We are platinum sponsors of the FEC reception held at the Hyatt Regency, Windermere Y-Z on November 13 from 7:30 - 9 p.m. It is organized by the IAAPA Family Entertainment Center Committee, and is a networking gathering where FEC owners, managers, and suppliers from across the globe convene to engage with colleagues, establish new connections, and exchange valuable insights and innovative concepts. There will be hot and cold appetizers and some drinks supplied, and attendees must be over 18 years old.

Finally, we will be exhibiting at booth #2849, and we can’t wait to speak to venue operators and industry professionals about how our software can help them excel in their businesses. We will conduct product demonstrations to show how ROLLER can help venues maximize revenue, increase efficiencies, produce higher online conversion rates, and more!

Preparing for the event: tips and recommendations

Preparing for the IAAPA Expo 2023 is crucial to make the most of this premier industry event. Firstly, establish clear objectives for your attendance, whether networking, sourcing new suppliers, or staying updated on industry trends. 

Research the event schedule and plan your itinerary accordingly, making sure to attend relevant seminars and workshops. Connect with fellow attendees and exhibitors in advance through social media or official event channels to schedule meetings. 

Consider downloading the event app for real-time updates and navigation assistance. Lastly, be open to learning and exploration, as the IAAPA Expo offers many opportunities to gain insights, build relationships, and stay at the forefront of the attractions industry.

The future of the attractions industry

IAAPA’s annual expos serve as a nexus for experts across these industries, facilitating knowledge exchange, networking, and the exploration of cutting-edge innovations. It's a vital platform where diverse segments of the attractions industry converge to share insights and ideas, ultimately enhancing the quality and appeal of leisure destinations worldwide.

We hope to see you at the IAAPA Expo 2023; please reach out and book a meeting in advance to ensure we get to spend some time discussing how we can help your venue grow. Plus, we have some guest passes available, too, so make sure to enquire about acquiring one if you’re interested.