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How Summit Ropes Reduces Negative Public Reviews

Summit Ropes is the largest indoor ropes course in the United States.  Based in Sterling, VA, Summit Ropes serves a wide variety of guests, including families, parties, corporate groups, and even the federal government.  The venue includes a ropes course, cafe, lounge, meeting rooms, and a center for team building, all housed within a 16,550 square foot facility.

Summit Ropes has been utilizing ROLLER for guests to book adventure passes for standard admission and parties for groups and events.  Recently, Summit Ropes implemented ROLLER’s Guest Experience Score, which automates guest feedback collection by prompting guests for feedback shortly after their visit.  By linking the survey to the information provided during booking, the Guest Experience Score adds a wealth of intelligence that is not otherwise known with other survey tools, as well as shines a light on concerns through a private channel that would otherwise be discovered through review sites such as Google and Facebook.

“We’re now getting feedback that we were not getting on Google reviews and Facebook reviews, and we have had zero negative reviews on any of the public forums since we turned on the GX Score,” said Dan Kasabian from Summit Ropes.  By directly asking for feedback from guests that can improve their experience, the Guest Experience Score acts as a barrier between what may have been a negative experience and what may turn into a negative review.  Because online reviews carry such a strong influence, getting feedback from the guest directly helps protect the business's reputation.

This also demonstrates that the team at Summit Ropes does not shy away from guest complaints but instead embraces them.  The more constructive feedback that guests provide indicating where improvements can be made, the more it justifies ways to enhance operations.  Dan says, “The information you’re receiving allows you to operationalize certain aspects of your business based on guest feedback.”  The data from the Guest Experience Score is organized through dynamic reporting, allowing the venue operator to pinpoint where the priorities lie, which can make decisions easier to implement because they are data-driven and come directly from the guest.

“It allows you to respond quickly, both with the customer and internally, to make changes to your processes.”  Dan also shares that the data allows them to make enhancements to the business on an ongoing basis and foster relationships with their guests.  Responses from the Guest Experience Score are delivered immediately, enabling management to contact a guest while the experience is still fresh.  Service recovery speed and effectiveness can quickly turn a critic into a fan and create a stronger bond between the business and the guest.

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