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5 Strategies to Increase Online Checkout Revenue

5 strategies to increase online checkout revenue

The growth of online commerce in leisure and attraction businesses continues to accelerate, and guests reward brands that provide frictionless, self-service experiences with both their wallets and their loyalty. 

As online booking becomes easier for guests, it’s likely we will continue to see the rate of online bookings catch up with bookings made in-venue. However, to accelerate this growth even more quickly and help operators identify strategies to drive more revenue, we analyzed our online checkout data from November 2022 - March 2023 to answer the following questions:

  • How can customers increase their conversion rate?
  • How can customers increase their online cart size?
  • How can customers save time managing guest bookings?

Here's what we found.

1. Ensure your checkout is optimized for mobile

With mobile devices accounting for over 70% of online sales, your online checkout should be designed and architected specifically for mobile devices to optimize conversion rates and provide users with beautiful experiences. You should have the option to curate a visual feed of experiences, carousels, and calls to action that can link to external pages and work seamlessly on any device.

online checkout on mobile product shot

2. Offer contextual add-to-cart options

The add-to-cart experience should focus on conversion – creating fast and elegant interactions that visually assure the guest of what they’re doing and what the next step to proceed toward the checkout is, all while serving contextual additions to the guest. These add-ons could be anything from jump socks to swim diapers or food & beverage packages, anything relevant that could help increase the transaction value.

add to cart product shot

3. Give guests the ability to pay in their preferred method

Your online checkout needs to be as frictionless as possible, including offering a wide range of payment methods so every guest can pay with their preferred payment method. Not only does this improve the guest experience, but it also is shown to boost conversion and transaction value. Your online checkout should support traditional payment methods as well as mobile wallets, browser-stored cards, and Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL). Our data has shown that a guest’s transaction value more than doubles when they use a BNPL payment method!

multiple payment method illustration

4. Customize your checkout to suit your website

Every attraction’s website is different, and your online checkout should be able to support those differences. Whether it’s a dedicated checkout page, an overlay experience, multiple checkouts for different products, or a combination of all of these, your aim should be to maximize your chances of conversion wherever a guest lands on your website.

image of overlay checkout-1

5. Offer guests online accounts

Without the option for guests to create an online account, any change or request to an existing booking is a time-intensive task for venue staff. Everyday tasks like resending a confirmation or redeeming memberships become especially hard during busy in-venue periods.

Online accounts allow guests to have more control when it comes to managing their bookings online while at the same time saving your venue staff precious time that can be spent on higher-value guest interactions.

image of online account login

ROLLER’s progressive checkout experience

We introduced our new progressive checkout in November 2022, available to all ROLLER customers, to help them keep up with guest expectations and maximize their online sales. ROLLER’s progressive checkout experience is engaging and immersive. It provides guests with a rich experience that visually communicates our customers’ brand and generates excitement for their experiences. 

Since we released the progressive checkout on average, ROLLER customers have seen a huge 50% increase in online cart size largely due to the contextual add-ons at checkout and the multiple ways products can be displayed and highlighted. Additionally, with the progressive checkout, customers have seen a 20% increase in online conversion rate. The variety of payment methods and mobile optimization are to thank for this. Our recently released online account feature should see this number continue to rise.

checkout image-2

Experience the benefits of the progressive checkout

Since we released the progressive checkout, our focus has been to enhance the functionality and user experience to continue to optimize conversion and increase average transaction value for our customers. ROLLER empowers venues to bring more happiness and joy to their experiences and foster long-term guest loyalty. Want to learn more about ROLLER’s online checkout? Contact us for more information!

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