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Cost Guide: Skating Rink Attraction Ideas With Strong ROI Potential

Cost Guide: Skating Rink Attraction Ideas With Strong ROI Potential

Are you spinning your wheels trying to boost visits to your skating rink? Adding a new attraction could be your golden ticket. However, choosing the right addition requires a careful balance between investment costs and potential returns. 

We’ve put together an insightful guide to the best attractions you can add to your skating rink - whether that’s roller or ice. It includes their rough costs, expected returns, and real-world success stories to inspire your next crowd-pleaser.

Why build new skating rink attractions? 

Introducing a new attraction to your skating rink isn't merely about expanding your amenities; it’s about crafting unique experiences that distinguish your facility in the market. The right attraction can dramatically increase foot traffic, enhance customer engagement, and deliver a strong return on investment.

By consistently updating and diversifying your skating rink’s offerings, you demonstrate to your community a steadfast dedication to delivering exceptional experiences. This commitment solidifies your venue as a premier destination for skaters and entertainment-seekers, fostering a loyal customer base.

Rink refurbishment 

Expense: Low-medium
ROI potential: High
The heart of any skating venue is the rink itself. Upgrading your surface or expanding the skating area can renew interest and increase visitor numbers. The investment is relatively modest compared to more high-tech attractions and offers substantial returns through ticket sales and event hosting.

The main downside of an upgrade is the downtime it will necessitate for your skating rink. You may need to close for a period while the upgrades are being made. Alternatively, you could plan your refurbishment after you’ve added one of the additional attractions on our list to keep revenue flowing!  

Case study: Silver Wheel Skating in Fort Worth first opened in 1952 and was brought back to life by two local families who invested in its restoration. They focused on updating the facility while preserving its nostalgic elements, such as the original wooden rink floor and the disco ball, both integral to its historic charm. The family-led project rejuvenated a beloved local landmark, ensuring it continued to be a center of community and entertainment. 

Laser tag arena

Expense: Medium
ROI potential: High
Integrating a laser tag arena within your skating rink can attract a diverse audience. This attraction appeals to both young visitors and adults, providing a fun, interactive experience that encourages repeat visits.

The beauty of adding a laser tag arena is in the cross-sell opportunities it brings. Your rink and this new attraction type will have great synergy, enabling you to sell more packages. So, if you have a large space that you need to fill, consider adding a laser tag arena to your roller or ice skating rink. Be creative when designing your space, with obstacles, mood lighting, and fun objectives for guests.

Case study: United Skates of America in Ohio offers a combination of attractions, including a roller skating rink and a laser tag arena. Its mix of entertainment options under one roof allows the business to sell attractive party packages, which are lucrative sources of revenue for venues. 

Virtual reality (VR) experiences

Expense: Medium-high
ROI potential: High
VR technology can transport your visitors to new worlds before or after they’ve skated on your rink. This attraction type targets thrill seekers, gamers, and tech enthusiasts, providing a unique experience that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Investing in state-of-the-art VR technology and content creation comes with high costs, but the allure of these captivating, immersive experiences can more than make up for the initial investment. As VR gains traction among consumers, incorporating such technology positions your skating venue as a pioneer in entertainment.

Case study: Zero Latency is an international VR enterprise with a presence in 25 countries. It offers a variety of immersive experiences where participants can team up to defeat zombies, solve puzzles, and partake in numerous activities. Outfitted with advanced free-roam VR headsets and body packs, visitors are plunged into vivid, interactive worlds. This forward-thinking concept continues to draw a consistent flow of visitors to its 92 (and increasing) venues globally. 

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Indoor skate park

Expense: High
ROI potential: Medium-high
For those looking to cater to skateboarders and inline skaters, adding an indoor skate park can diversify your clientele. This requires a significant upfront investment but can pay off by attracting a dedicated community of skaters who value year-round access to a safe and challenging environment. 

As with any activity where your guests could injure themselves, it’s best to ensure everything is safe from the outset. Consulting with professional skate park designers is essential, as is capturing waivers from your guests. 

Case study: Area 51 in the Netherlands not only serves as an indoor skatepark but also as a cultural hub for skating. The sheer scale of the indoor venue is worth checking out alone, but by hosting events and competitions, the owners have created a brand that attracts visitors from across the world, substantially increasing its revenue streams. 

Themed party rooms

Expense: Low
ROI potential: High
Themed party rooms for birthdays and private events can provide a significant return with minimal investment. Themes like disco glam, superhero, or neon nights can enhance the skating experience and are perfect for private bookings. 

Party rooms are relatively low in cost to build, but remember that managing party bookings can be tricky. It’s best to partner with a technology provider who can help you streamline the process and increase conversions

Case study: Chipmunks Playland and Café is a multinational indoor playground franchise with over 45 venues worldwide. Chipmunks caters to children under 11 years of age and offers modern multi-story playground facilities with engaging and interactive equipment, birthday party rooms, and onsite cafés. One of their main revenue streams is catering to children’s parties, which they streamline through ROLLER. 

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Snack bar or café

Expense: Medium
ROI potential: High
Adding a snack bar or café can enhance the visitor experience by offering refreshments and a place to relax. This addition not only keeps guests on-site longer but also increases spend per head. Leaning into a theme for your menu can be fun for guests and encourage high order values. For instance, roller skating pairs well with nostalgic 50s cuisine – think malted milkshakes, chili dogs, curly fries, and cherry cola. For ice skating, go a wintery route with mulled drinks, warm fruit pies, and comfort items like mac and cheese. 

Incorporating self-service ordering can make food service areas easier to manage. Tools such as ROLLER’s mobile food and beverage ordering can help increase spend per head by as much as 33%. 

Case study: Conifox Adventure Park was founded in 2017 as an outdoor attractions venue offering go-karting, swings, jumping pillows, and ride-on tractors. Food and beverages are a big part of their business, so choosing a venue management platform that allows them to sell food and tickets from the same system was essential for them – which they manage through ROLLER’s intuitive POS. 

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Finding your skating rink’s next big hit

When deciding on the next attraction for your skating rink, consider your target audience, available space, and budget. Remember, the key to a successful investment is not just the initial appeal but the long-term engagement it offers to your customers. By adding a mix of attractions that cater to different interests and age groups, you can create a dynamic and inclusive environment that keeps visitors rolling back for more.

Whether you're upgrading your rink, adding a high-energy laser tag arena, or creating a virtual reality wonderland, there’s no limit to how you can enhance your venue. Take inspiration from these real-world examples, think creatively, and start planning your next big attraction. 

Discover how ROLLER helps skating rinks like yours boost revenue and delight guests.