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Self-Service Doesn't Mean You Have to Sacrifice Guest Experience

Self-Service Doesn't Mean You Have to Sacrifice Guest Experience

Self-service options have saturated the market – from banks to supermarkets and beyond, the days of personal service at every touchpoint have gone. While some lament the loss of the old-fashioned ways of customer service, many misconceptions about self-service need to be cleared up. This is especially true in the attractions industry. 

But how can self-service technology and a stellar guest experience co-exist in an industry built around personal touches?  Well, we're here to uncover how better guest experiences and self-service are a match made in heaven.

A new age of convenience 

Say what you will about instant gratification, but some things are just better when you can access them on the spot. Let’s run through a scenario. 

Imagine you’ve just booked a day out with your child. You spent a lot of time researching a venue that you know they’ll love and put the time in your calendar to make it happen, but then a family member from out of town lets you know they’ll be around that day, and you need to reschedule. 

Without self-service options, you’d have to phone the venue to juggle the booking and hope you speak to someone who can make it happen. Or, if that fails, send an email and cross your fingers that it gets seen in time. 

With self-service options like online accounts, you could simply log in and adjust the booking with a few clicks. This convenience doesn't just save time; it amplifies the guest’s experience by empowering them to control their day out on their terms. The customer isn’t losing anything by using self-service over a personal interaction. If anything, it’ll leave a more positive impression than the alternative! 

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Put the fast in fast food 

When guests attend an attraction, they’re typically not expecting a five-course sit-down meal. That’s not to say the food isn’t going to be awesome, but it’s a totally different experience to dining out in a restaurant. 

Convenience is often the main drawcard when dining out at an attraction, and many diners prefer self-service options. In fact, 83% of users believe self-serve is quicker than ordering and paying through a staff member.  

When a guest has spent all morning walking around an attraction with hungry toddlers in tow, they most likely just want to order lunch quickly and fill their bellies so they can carry on with the fun. Mobile food and beverage ordering allows them to do just that. 

This leap forward doesn't just elevate the guest experience; it reshapes the dining landscape into a more efficient, joyful part of the day out at an attraction. As an upside for businesses, self-service food and beverage ordering typically results in a 33% increase in spend per head! 

Fewer lines = funner times 

Picture this: you arrive at an attraction, buzzing with anticipation, only to be greeted by a snaking line that moves at a glacial pace. Not the best start, right? 

Online ticketing and self-service kiosks can slash wait times, ensuring guests spend more time in a venue than they do waiting to check in. This isn't just about speed; crafting a first impression sets the stage for an unforgettable day.

And the human touch isn’t lost here either. Your staff can still interact with guests, welcome them, and offer guidance. They’ll also have more time to do it without focusing on administrative tasks! 

Fingers on the pulse 

In the quest for continuous improvement, feedback is the compass that guides venues toward excellence. Self-service options can enhance how you interact with guests once they’ve left your venue. One way to do this is with feedback surveys, where visitors are invited to share their experiences. 

Automated surveys sent post-visit aren’t just about gathering data; they're a bridge to understanding the guest experience from multiple perspectives. This feedback loop is invaluable, offering insights that can shape everything from service enhancements to future innovations.

By digitizing the feedback experience, your guests are more likely to provide honest answers than in person, giving you more actionable insights. 

Beyond automation

The heart of the matter is this: automation and personal service aren’t rivals; they're partners in creating a richer, more engaging guest experience. By automating routine transactions, staff can engage more meaningfully with guests, adding warmth and personal touches that technology can't replicate.

As we sail further into the digital age, it's clear that embracing technology is key to staying relevant and competitive. But it's not just about keeping up; it's about leveraging these tools to create a more dynamic, accessible, and enjoyable experience for every guest. From the ease of online bookings to the convenience of digital payments, technology is opening up new avenues for interaction and engagement.

The future of guest experience is bright and paved with the possibilities that self-service technology brings. By leveraging self-service tools, we can create a world where every visit is effortless, enjoyable, and enriched with personal touches that make each guest feel truly valued.

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