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RFID Wristbands are Transforming the Attractions Industry

RFID Wristbands are Transforming the Attractions Industry

Going somewhere fun usually means crowds, queuing, and wait times. It can happen at an amusement or water park, the cinema, a concert, or a three-day festival. To make matters worse, venue operators cannot know where or when the bottlenecks occur, so they can never deploy staff to remedy the situation.

So, what’s the solution? RFID wristbands. Radio Frequency Identification, or “RFID,” uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track tags attached to wristbands automatically. When issued with an RFID wristband, patrons are instantly recognized when they are near a wristband reader. It could be upon entering the premises, making purchases, and entering certain areas such as bathrooms or social media photography points. 

By removing the human element of having to read a paper ticket or pass, patrons can be ushered through those pesky queues as quickly as possible. In this blog, we will discuss RFID wristbands in detail, including how they work and their most significant benefits.

RFID Wristbands

Over the next three years, the size of the global market for RFID technology is projected to increase by approximately 72%, with room for growth. This growth attests to the development of integrated digitization. Introducing RFID into your business can increase efficiency and track productivity.

RFID wristbands can also be assigned to identify a particular group of people at an event or venue, such as general admission or VIP customers. These wristbands offer the ability to provide personalized service with the flick of a wrist.

What is the difference between RFID wristbands and barcode wristbands?

The main difference between RFID and barcode wristbands is the technology that powers them.

Barcode wristbands can only store minimal amounts of information, i.e., one barcode wristband could hold the ticket information of one guest. Conversely, RFID wristbands can store much more data, like payment, ticket, and membership information.

Also, RFID wristbands can be modified in real-time, whereas barcode wristbands are ‘read-only.’ Finally, the scanning process is simpler for RFID wristbands as they can be scanned from quite a distance away, as opposed to barcode wristbands, which must be close to the reader. 

So, let’s now get into some of the most significant benefits of incorporating RFID wristbands at your venue!

Suitable for any event

The wristbands can be made from many durable and waterproof materials, making them perfect for anything from a concert to a water park. 

The design of an RFID wristband can also be customized to suit the venue. They can be made in various materials and designs, including glowing lights, clicking buttons, brand elements, or stylized souvenirs for customers to take home. 

Think of them as on-the-move advertisements for your business!

Cashless payment

RFID wristbands allow for cardless and cashless transactions using a tap-and-go payment system. They enable quicker transactions between staff and patrons and provide convenience for both parties. RFID wristbands can be used as a prepaid method for food, drinks, rides, and other services, ultimately saving everyone time. As the patron scans the wristband, the value of the transaction is deducted.

RFID wristbands save customers time by not having to pull out their wallets (or lose them) and increase efficiency across the payment process, therefore increasing workplace productivity. The payment method is exceptionally safe because every RFID wristband is unique and can be programmed to be non-transferable for each customer, ensuring no unauthorized transactions. They also reduce the likelihood of theft from employees or thieves.

Real-time insights for venue operators

RFID wristbands can also be tracked or used for non-monetary-based interactions without affecting the customer. The wristbands offer greater insight into the flow of both patrons and money. 

RFID bands can help increase forecasting precision for staffing requirements, increase profits, and reduce strain on venue staff and patrons.  A venue operator can see bottlenecks and allocate staff accordingly in real time.

Increased health and safety

In a post-pandemic world, RFID wristbands offer a critical advantage by minimizing the need for physical contact, thereby fostering a safer and more hygienic environment, particularly at larger events such as parties or group bookings. 

These wristbands streamline access control and payment processes, allowing guests to enter and make transactions with a simple wave or tap, reducing the risk of transmission and ensuring the well-being of guests. This contactless technology aligns seamlessly with health and safety guidelines, providing reassurance to event organizers and guests alike.

Consolidation and security

RFID wristbands consolidate all data collected from patrons into one place, eliminating the possibility of losing data amongst the day-to-day clutter and ensuring a secure information hub for the venue. Also, unless someone physically yanks the RFID wristband off your guest's wrist, there is little chance of theft. 

Finally, compared to if your guest was carrying their physical wallet, cash, cards, ID, tickets, etc., having everything stored in a wristband is a massive piece of mind for your guests.

Cost savings

RFID wristbands offer streamlined entry and payment processes by automating access control and enabling cashless transactions, reducing the need for additional staff to manage ticket checks and cash transactions. They also minimize manual record-keeping by accurately tracking attendance and providing valuable data analytics, simplifying operations and enhancing efficiency. 

In addition, the wristbands' durability, often made from long-lasting materials, reduces the frequency of replacements and associated material costs, while contributing to environmental sustainability by decreasing the use of disposable paper tickets and badges. The dual benefit of efficiency and cost savings makes RFID wristbands an appealing addition to all leisure venues.

How ROLLER does RFID wristbands

ROLLER integrates seamlessly with Alvarado to streamline guest access, enabling guests to self-scan their tickets, membership cards, or RFID wristbands at automated control gates. 

This innovative approach facilitates faster ticket redemption and automates access, allowing you to efficiently manage high guest volumes while delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Learn more about our partnership with Alvarado and how to use RFID wristbands in your venue here.

RFID wristbands benefit you and your guests

Using an RFID wristband is a unique, modern experience that’s currently gaining a lot of excitement with guests everywhere.

The ability to instantly recognize a patron directly lends opportunities for venue operators to provide new services to guests. At ROLLER, we have seen some great examples of social interactions with RFID technology, such as photo booths onsite that allow customers to snap a pic, upload, and share via their wristbands while interacting with the presenting brand's social media pages.

Enquire here about how ROLLER can help you incorporate RFID wristbands at your venue to streamline wristband management and increase guest spending and satisfaction.

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