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Reduce Staffing Costs by Up to $18K per Year with Self-Service Bookings

Reduce Staffing Costs by Up to $18K per Year with Self-Service Bookings

In our ongoing mission to help operators deliver self-service guest experiences, reduce their workload, and grow revenue, ROLLER is thrilled to introduce online accounts. This feature will streamline how you and your guests manage bookings and could save you thousands of dollars in staffing per year.

ROLLER’s new online accounts feature is phenomenal. Our guests have the flexibility to edit their bookings when it suits them, rather than having to get in touch with our call center. Not only is it increasing customer satisfaction, but it’s saving us time and money on labor. We’ve already had 1,800 guests create online accounts in just a few months.
Jake Cunningham
Group Digital Marketing Manager, TreeClimb

Operators are wasting precious time handling booking inquiries

Managing and editing bookings is time-consuming for venue operators, particularly common tasks like resending a booking confirmation email or editing a booking. 

ROLLER’s data reveals that one in every ten bookings requires changes, costing venues considerable time and money in managing these guest requests. This takes time away from other important duties, creates unnecessary manual effort for guests and staff, and requires additional cash in the labor budget to hire dedicated admin staff.

During customer research for online accounts, we heard that some venues receive up to 100 calls every day from guests asking to change their bookings. At an average two minutes call time, that’s creating significant annual staffing costs that could be better spent boosting the guest experience and growing your business.
Chris Leeden
Product Manager, ROLLER


In an increasingly digital world, venues want to move to a lower-touch customer service model to cut costs, and guests expect to have self-service tools at their fingertips. In fact, 88% of online shoppers prefer using self-service options.

This is the first of several self-service experiences we’ll deliver for you and your guests this year to help you increase online revenue and decrease operational expenses. 

Put the power in your guest's hands

Guests can now sign up for an online account to:

  • View current tickets, memberships, and gift card balances. No more hunting through emails to find this information!
  • Manage their tickets and bookings without needing to contact your venue. For example, guests can adjust session times, change ticket dates, or add to their booking.
  • Upgrade or reactivate their membership, increasing membership retention and upsell rates.
  • Seamlessly redeem memberships for new bookings.
  • Add a saved payment method to save time for future purchases and ensure membership dues are paid.

Find out more about online accounts here

A guest online account showing active bookings and memberships

For a venue receiving 100 daily phone calls at two minutes each, this equates to over 1,200 hours of staff effort each year. At an hourly rate of $15 USD, that's a potential saving of up to $18,000 USD annually with online accounts!
Chris Leeden
Product Manager, ROLLER


Not only will you save time and reduce labor costs, but by making it easier for guests to book (and re-book) online using a saved payment method, operators can increase conversion rates and the likelihood of repeat purchases. Plus, now that guests can easily add items to an existing booking, your average spend per guest could increase too! 

We're super excited about online accounts because previously customers had to rely on our online chat. They had to write in, and then I had to modify the reservation for them, which was very time-consuming. And we can't miss one because then a customer will be frustrated.
Caroline Cannon
VP of Strategic Growth, Thrillz


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Unlock the potential of guest data

Online accounts not only streamline operations but also empower you with invaluable guest data. You’ll have a granular view of purchase behavior that you can leverage to deliver powerful marketing campaigns or targeted offers that are fine-tuned based on your guests' preferences and purchase behavior. For example, you could build a segment of all guests with memberships coming up for expiry and send a promotional email to this segment, encouraging them to renew at a special rate. Your guest can simply log in via their online account and renew, saving you and your guest time and locking in a guaranteed recurring revenue stream for the entirety of the membership period.

By offering contextually relevant promotions, you can better encourage repeat visitation, stimulate customer engagement, and significantly boost sales.

Online accounts are now available in the Progressive Checkout for ROLLER customers on the Pro, Premium, or Enterprise plan. Find out more about online accounts here

Not a customer? With ROLLER, you can effortlessly provide your guests with the convenience they crave. It's time to simplify bookings, reduce costs, and elevate guest satisfaction. Get a demo to explore how you could implement self-service guest experiences at your venue.

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