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Save Time with ROLLER’s Must-Have Self-Service Guest Experiences

Save time with ROLLER’s must-have self-service guest experiences

Self-service options aren’t just a nice-to-have, they’re something consumers expect. In fact, 88% of online shoppers prefer using self-service options. So, now is the time to incorporate self-service functionality into your venue to take pressure off your staff and elevate your guest experience.

Read on to discover ways to streamline your operations through ROLLER’s self-service features. 

Online bookings

Long queues and fun days out don’t gel together. Given the option, many guests prefer to book their tickets ahead of time. 

ROLLER helps venues achieve this by offering a seamless online checkout process with integrated payments, allowing guests to select a product or experience and pay using their preferred method in just a few clicks. 

By incorporating smooth online bookings into your operations, you can reduce the volume of phone calls and emails you have to respond to while increasing ticket sales through online conversion. Talk about a win-win. 

We’re making money while we sleep. We get an extra $600-$700 per day from online bookings.
Jessica McDonald
Owner and Operator, Lollipops Playland Penrith

Did you know? Through ROLLER’s intuitive progressive checkouts, venues see a 50% increase in cart size and a 10% increase in overall conversions

Mobile food and beverage ordering

What if we told you that increasing sales while decreasing overheads is on the menu? Enabling guests to order food and drinks from their smartphones could be the missing ingredient to your business’ growth. 

Through QR-based ordering, guests can place orders with just a few clicks. This self-service option is incredibly convenient for visitors and means you need less staff taking orders at POS, allowing you to save on labor costs. 

Another benefit of mobile ordering is that your guests will love it. Visitors won’t have to spend time lining up to order and will be free to browse your menu at their leisure. 

You can see ROLLER’s mobile food and beverage in action below.

F&B Scan to order_Compressed
ROLLER's mobile food and beverage process. 

For more information on the benefits of Mobile Food and Beverage offering, click here. 

Did you know? Mobile ordering can result in a 33% increase to spend per head and provide you with 3x the amount of guest data with each order. 

Online accounts 

Plans change all the time, so make it easy for your guests to alter their bookings with online accounts. With ROLLER, your guests can create their own account during the online checkout process to adjust session times, change ticket dates, add items to their booking, upgrade or reactivate their membership, and more!

Each of the above points will reduce the time you and your staff spend on the phone or reading and replying to emails. On top of saving you time, online accounts also reduce customer pain points by giving them more control. 

ROLLER’s new online accounts feature is phenomenal. Our guests have the flexibility to edit their bookings when it suits them, rather than having to get in touch with our call center. Not only is it increasing customer satisfaction, but it’s saving us time and money on labor. We’ve already had almost 1,500 guests create online accounts in just a few months.
Jake Cunningham
Group Digital Marketing Manager, TreeClimb

Did you know? Online accounts are available now in the Progressive Checkout for ROLLER Pro, Premium, or Enterprise plan customers. Learn more here

Digital waivers  

By integrating digital waivers into your online checkout process, you can reduce queues in your venue and eliminate the need for manual paperwork. Guests sign the waiver before they arrive, and ROLLER digitally links them to their records for future visits. 

Digital waivers with ROLLER will help you to: 

  • Offer an efficient check-in process.
  • Collect accurate guest information for personalized marketing.
  • Enhance communication and segmentation.
  • Improve the guest experience with multiple language options.
  • Streamline group and party check-ins.
  • Eliminate delays and disjointed experiences.
With ROLLER’s digital waivers, we can have a group of 10 checked in in less than two minutes.
Lindsey Wilkins
Owner, Paqua Park

Self-service kiosks 

The physical embodiment of self-service, a kiosk in your venue will help you to save time at venue entry and free up your staff to focus on other tasks and your guests’ enjoyment. 

Here are some of the benefits of using a self-service kiosk with ROLLER

  • Fast, easy, more convenient waiver signing for guests.
  • Reduces labor costs by minimizing staff touchpoints at check-in.
  • Enables guests to sign waivers digitally using a self-service kiosk.
  • Promotes upsells and cross-sells through the interface.
  • Increases revenue and encourages business growth.

Did you know? Ordering from self-serve kiosks can generate up to 30% higher value than in-person orders.

Help yourself 

Self-service options are a reliable and efficient tool that can enhance your operations without overhauling your business model. This is especially true when you partner with a software provider offering products that are purpose-built for your industry.

If you want to add ROLLER’s powerful self-service features to your venue, please contact our friendly team today.