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How Family Entertainment Centers Can Market to Parents

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Over the years, there has been substantial evolution in family entertainment centers and to whom they are geared.  Today, FEC’s exist that cater specifically to toddlers, kids, teenagers, college students, or adults, meeting the full spectrum.  Those who serve older demographics tend to have more sophisticated food offerings, more thrilling attractions, and edgier branding.

In this article, we will look at the younger demographics of family entertainment centers and those who serve the entire family.  For these venues, the product generally resonates with children, yet the parents are the ones who truly need to be convinced.

To market to parents, here are four key messages to incorporate into your marketing and communications.


Valuable family bonding time

When a family visits an FEC, they leave with a memory of their experience.  Whether it’s which kid got the best score in mini golf, collected the most tickets or points in the arcade, or got the fastest time on the go karts, the satisfaction that guests leave with is directly correlated with the individuals with whom they visited.  When trying win over parents, communicate the value that they gain by spending time with their family.  A lot of time has been lost due to the pandemic that we aren’t getting back, and the importance of families building memories together is greater than ever.


Distinctly out of home entertainment

You can present a solid case that a visit to family entertainment center is better than a day at home.  It’s unique and different from the family’s daily routine, and creates a more memorable experience than playing video games at home all day.  Being in the location-based entertainment industry is exciting because it is distinctly something that guests cannot do at home.  Stressing the benefits of getting out of the house and into a venue where entertainment is the core product resonates with parents who want to ensure stimulating activities for their children, yet something they can all enjoy together as a family.


COVID safety expectations

Any hesitancy in visiting an FEC due to COVID-related concerns is justifiable.  Family entertainment centers generally involve many high-touch elements and can be crowded at peak times, which may give parents anxiety when looking for activities to do with their kids to get them out of the house.  By communicating your safety measures through your website, social media, and during the ticket purchase, you can work to regain guests’ confidence that your facility is safe and well-fit to serve guests during even the most challenging times.   Upon arrival, continue the safety communication in signage and spiels, and ensure that the promises you have made are being delivered so that guests can see them in action.


Benefits for the parents

A trampoline park owner near St. Louis, MO has a creative way of greeting parents then they bring toddlers in to jump.  He tells them that there is a “100% guarantee of an afternoon nap” after their hour in the park due to the energy they’re going to exert while jumping.  While simple, this statement hits all the right chords and makes the parents feel great about their decision to bring their child, knowing that when they leave, they might enjoy some extra quiet time at home.  What chords can you hit that show that the experience in your venue is not just fun for the kid, but that the parent will gain value out of it too?


Since the parents are the ultimate decision makers, how can you incorporate these tips into your FEC to ensure that you are able to serve the demographic that you are built for, even if they aren’t the ones pulling out their wallets?