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How To Increase Sales & Improve Customer Experience At Your Venue

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The global appetite for ‘fun’ is on the rise. Year on year, the attractions, entertainment and leisure industry continues to grow.

And there’s no sign of it slowing down. The amusement and theme parks global market is forecast to reach US$70.8 billion by 2025.

At the same time, modern digitally-savvy customers expect an experience that is easy to access and consume. From the moment a customer books a ticket online, to the moment they check-in, enjoy the fun and leave, every touch-point needs to exceed their expectations. Any mistake or friction in the customer journey will result in frustration and damage a venue’s reputation, brand positioning and profitability.

More competition and choice, however, also increases the need for venues to drive internal efficiencies, invest in innovation and technology, and ultimately find smarter ways to serve the customer. A venue’s ability to succeed rests on having both people and processes working together like a ‘well-oiled machine.’

In this eBook, we explore the challenges and opportunities faced by attractions, entertainment and leisure venues, as well as how all-in-one cloud software solutions can help transform your ability to optimize business operations, enhance customer experience and increase profits.

Meeting customer expectations

Customer experience is the centerpiece of any business serious about maintaining a competitive edge. One study found 75 percent of companies in the US said it is their top objective. Meanwhile, a 2017 study by Forrester conducted in Europe said the responsibility to create a great customer experience starts with the CEO and trickles down.

Fast-forward to 2019, and the age of ‘hyper-personalization’ is well and truly here. Customers are demanding more relevant messaging and personalized experiences at every stage of their journey.  

PwC found people want experiences that offer value for money. Customers are more tech-savvy and with instant access to information, their expectations are rising.

In this cluttered and competitive digital environment, a great customer experience is critical for venues to build trust, earn loyalty and stand out from the crowd.


Technology & mobile centricity

Technology, mobile-centricity and an appetite for high impact, on-demand experiences are revolutionizing the attractions, entertainment and leisure industry.

A recent study by the Momentum of Mobile Apps reveals consumers want to enjoy a fully integrated mobile experience. For some events, mobile and app engagement is as high as 94 percent. The report recommends venue owners, promoters and planners partner with providers who can introduce mobile integration to meet today’s expectations.

There are clear benefits for the customer, too. By making transactions before they attend a venue, they are left with more time to have fun, which can optimize the customer experience.

By embracing cloud technology in your venue, you can start to realize some of the benefits, such as process efficiencies, that is already occurring in other industries.