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Boosting Corporate Events at Competitive Social Entertainment Venues

Boosting Corporate Events at Competitive Social Entertainment Venues

Midweek periods, often quieter at social entertainment venues, hold untapped potential for corporate events and adult group bookings. By adapting your venue to accommodate professional gatherings from Monday to Friday, you can fill your calendar and diversify your guest profile.

This blog delves into strategies for attracting corporate bookings and transforming your venue into a top choice for professional workday events.

Identifying corporate client needs

Corporate clients prioritize privacy, high-quality A/V systems for presentations, and spaces that facilitate formal and informal interactions. Hosting weekday events offers less competition and more flexibility, appealing to businesses eager to minimize disruptions to their operations.

Who’s done it well: TopGolf

TopGolf excels in catering to competitive social entertainment, especially for corporate bookings. Here's how they meet the specific needs of corporate clients:

  • Private spaces: Offers secluded bays and event rooms ensuring privacy.
  • Advanced A/V systems: Equipped with top-tier technology for presentations and social interactions.
  • Flexible event areas: Adaptable spaces perfect for mixing business with leisure.
  • Weekday events: Focuses on less crowded, more personalized service on weekdays.
  • Customizable packages: Extensive options from dining to entertainment.
  • Expert event coordination: Professional managers handle all planning aspects.

Unique midweek packages

Offering special services like private meeting rooms, tech support, and flexible catering options during weekdays can significantly attract corporate clients. Discounts and incentives for midweek bookings can also enhance your venue's appeal over traditional weekend spots.

Who’s done it well: iFLY Indoor Skydiving

iFLY stands out with unique midweek corporate packages:

  • Unique experience: Provides an exhilarating indoor skydiving experience.
  • Exclusive midweek packages: Special rates and incentives from Monday to Thursday.
  • Private meeting facilities: Equipped with full A/V capabilities and tech support.
  • Flexible catering options: Catering that accommodates all dietary needs.
  • Dedicated event planners: Tailor events to specific business objectives.

Team-building activities and workshops

Incorporate activities that are fun yet foster teamwork and collaboration. Workshops focusing on business-relevant skills like leadership and problem-solving can add value to your entertainment offerings.

Who’s done it well: The Escape Game

The Escape Game is renowned for its team-building and professional development workshops:

  • Team-building focus: Challenges that require cooperation and problem-solving.
  • Customizable corporate packages: Tailored to include multiple activities and flexible scheduling.
  • Facilitated events: Guided experiences with post-event feedback.
  • Diverse themes and difficulty levels: Engages all team members effectively.

Streamlined booking and planning

Implement an easy-to-use online booking system like ROLLER to simplify the booking process, making it easier for corporate clients to choose your venue.

How ROLLER streamlines booking and planning  

  • ROLLER’s online checkout: Simplifies event scheduling and customization.
  • Customizable event packages: Allows planning flexibility to fit various needs.
  • Efficient planning tools: Features like real-time availability checks and easy payment processing.

ROLLER makes it simple for operators to provide a compelling corporate offering that maximizes booking revenue. You can easily configure your event packages and inclusions, set booking availability, or even offer discounted price points to encourage bookings at off-peak time slots.

Plus, ROLLER’s intuitive online checkout streamlines the group booking process by allowing corporate customers to easily select, customize, and pay for their package online, avoiding time-consuming back and forth via email or phone. 

Testimonials and success stories

Leverage positive feedback from past corporate events to boost your venue's credibility. Sharing testimonials and success stories on your website and social media can showcase your capability and success in hosting corporate gatherings.

Who’s done it well: Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl uses testimonials effectively:

  • Prominent website display: Features testimonials on its corporate events page.
  • Social media highlights: Share posts and stories from successful corporate events.
  • Video testimonials: Uses video interviews to showcase client experiences.
  • Case studies: Offers detailed accounts of successful events.

ROLLER’s guest feedback tool, the Guest Experience Score, automatically distributes a survey to your guests after their visit. This enables you to collect, analyze, and act on your guests' feedback to improve your corporate booking offering continually. The Guest Experience Score also automatically prompts guests to leave a public review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp, helping you increase awareness of your corporate events and grow bookings in the future.

Conclusion: It's time to up your corporate booking game 

Boosting weekday visitation through corporate events can transform quieter times into dynamic hubs of professional activity. By understanding corporate needs, offering tailored services, and utilizing effective marketing strategies, your venue can thrive as a top choice for corporate gatherings.

Contact us to learn more about how ROLLER can help your venue drive more group and corporate bookings.