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Infrastructure upgrades

Benefits, impacts and outcomes of recent major infrastructure enhancements.

We wanted to take this opportunity to explain the recent infrastructure enhancements we have performed on the ROLLER platform, their benefits, impacts and resulting outcomes.


Please note that as a result of this maintenance there are several tasks that require your action to ensure correct website conversion tracking & checkout/forms operation.


What was upgraded?

ROLLER has been privileged to grow exponentially in recent years and to accommodate this growth we need the ability to ‘scale’ server environments in multiple regions seamlessly.

We have migrated your ROLLER account to a new environment that is optimised for the geographical region you operate. To achieve this you may have noticed that we migrated the ROLLER applications to a domain which this new scalable infrastructure is running.

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner we’ve utilised this experience and relationship to leverage the latest in AWS technology and methodologies to provide clients with a next-generation platform that enables infinite scalability, security and stability across international operating locations.

What does this mean for you?

The new infrastructure delivers several major immediate benefits:

  • Improved application speed & performance
    Improved performance of our apps is especially important for your Online Checkout conversions and POS efficiency.

    These benefits are especially notable for venues located in the northern hemisphere currently, however further tweaks in coming weeks will result in faster load times for most ROLLER apps.

  • No maintenance interruptions
    Grouping venues based on geographical location and timezone allows us to implement maintenance windows that will no longer impact your venue trading hours.

    Therefore future maintenance and feature releases can be deployed outside trading periods ensuring your business is not interrupted by these events.

Why now?

Our product and engineering teams have been working on this project for over six months,
however, given the material disruption to normal operations caused by the pandemic, we decided to use the window proactively to complete and deploy the upgrades. We are excited by the significant improvements they will bring to our clients in both the approaching recovery period and longer term.

Actions you need to take

Analytics and Tracking Pixels

The domain change to will have detached any cross-domain analytics or conversion tracking.

For example - online checkout
Your online checkout was previously published to a domain and it is now published to

Therefore in order to track these conversions to your Google Analytics account or paid online advertising campaigns, you will need to update this URL configuration as shown below:

image (11)


Website links & embedded objects

Your website has links or embedded checkouts, waivers and/or forms that reference the domain. These will continue to function as we have implemented a redirection function however we recommend that you update the links as a best practice when convenient.

There is no risk, however, linking directly to the new domain will improve performance by removing the redirection step and will eliminate a point of potential failure in the event of an issue with the redirection function.

You can find more information relating to these topics in the ROLLER help centre:

Need help?

If you experience any difficulties completing the above, please contact our Client Success team.