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4 Ways You Can Improve Your Guests’ Online Checkout Experience


Taking advantage of user-friendly technology is a smart way to improve your guest experience.

A good place to start is by offering a great online checkout. It can be one of the simplest and most effective ways to build loyalty and improve conversions for your attractions or entertainment venue.

Current data shows that more than 30 percent of guests now pre-book activities and purchase items online. That’s a significant number of people who evaluate your venue’s performance before they even arrive.

If the checkout flow is complex, your potential guests are more likely to abandon the purchase and head elsewhere.

Studies have shown that more than 74 percent of people begin a transaction process only to become frustrated with friction points and leave prior to completion.

This blog looks at four ways you can improve your online checkout to enhance the guest experience and increase conversions.

1. Make the purchase flow quick and easy

A good checkout is simple to navigate. A best-in-class solution is optimized to convert a site visitor into a happy guest in less than a minute. In some cases, a transaction can take as little as 45 seconds.

And remember, time is money. A one-second delay in your online checkout's load time typically cuts conversion by 20 percent and decreases customer satisfaction by around 16 percent.

Start by taking any distractions or clunkiness away and make the purchase flow clear, quick and simple. Only include touchpoints that are absolutely necessary and don’t overwhelm your potential guest with clutter.

Put thought into what you offer. Some venues assume the more a customer can choose from, the higher the chance of a conversion. But this is not the case. By reducing the number of options, you actually increase the likelihood of meaningful engagement. And once a guest makes a selection, you can build logic into your checkout to suggest complementary purchases along the way.

If that’s not convincing enough, consider that an optimized checkout flow improves conversions by 25 percent.

2. Don't ask for too much

Checkouts that require a customer to log in or set up an account see a higher rate of cart abandonment than those that provide a more efficient option.

And it’s a huge problem across all industries. A recent study shows 37 percent of consumers abandon a transaction if they’re asked to enter login details. In fact, it was the second-highest reason for cart abandonment behind ‘hidden costs.’

The solution? Be careful not to force potential guests to create an account or enter login details before they can complete their purchase. Instead, provide a ‘guest checkout’ option and help them complete their transaction quicker.

Simply put, forcing customers to jump through too many hoops during the purchase process is a massive deterrent. Instead, prioritize convenience to boost your conversions.

3.  Optimize for mobile

Roughly half of all online shopping is done on a mobile device and almost 25 percent of that is ticket purchases. So, it’s safe to say many of your customers are paying from their smartphone.

Park World reports that 95 percent of global attractions and theme park visitors will spend more if they can access user-friendly mobile functionality.

Venues with poorly designed and clunky mobile offerings risk losing out on substantial revenue. In fact, almost 90 percent of consumers have had a negative experience when using their phones for mobile shopping. Their pain points are difficult navigation (51 percent), tiny product images (46 percent), and an inconvenient checkout process (26 percent).

A simple solution is to minimize the required fields and number of steps, and make data input easy with clean and clear layouts.

4. Be dynamic

The ability to be dynamic and adapt in a rapidly evolving industry is vital to the growth of your business. By continuing to identify what makes your guests happy, you’ll be able to implement, or alter, processes that will positively affect their experience.  

A best-in-class solution enables you to create as many online checkouts as you wish. Doing so allows you to control the products and services on offer with just a few clicks. This provides a more customer-friendly experience and adds value to your interactions.

Creating multiple online checkouts with selected – and more relevant – offerings reduces clutter and increases your chance of conversions. Your checkouts will be more engaging and provide insight to what does and doesn’t resonate with guests.

The ROLLER online checkout experience

ROLLER offers dynamic online checkouts that are user-friendly and provide a unique point of difference to other providers. Our innovative software is easy to setup and is uniquely designed to increase guest satisfaction, improve conversions and reduce costs. 

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