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Contribute to the ROLLER roadmap

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ROLLER now has a public roadmap to enable you to view current plans, create ideas and contribute feedback. 

We're excited to publicly share our roadmap of planned features for the ROLLER platform. Accessible within Venue Manager, the ROLLER Roadmap allows you to:

  • view features we have launched as well as those we are currently testing, working on, planned and considering;
  • provide feedback in rating how important that feedback is to you and comments; and
  • submit your own ideas.

Navigate to ROLLER Roadmap

Get involved

The purpose of sharing this roadmap is not only to share information about what we're working on, but more importantly to obtain feedback from you. To find out whats important to your business and how we can enhance ROLLER to enable you to provide your guests with the best possible experience.

The roadmap enables you to:

  • Add feedback to any feature card on the board by selecting how important that feature is to your venue and describing your reason's for needing that feature, as well as any context around how you would use the feature; and
  • Submit an idea if theres a new feature or improvement which is not listed.

Find out more

Find out more about our Roadmap in this knowledge base article - ROLLER Roadmap.