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POS smart menus release

Smart menus improve POS ease of use & staff efficiency

Smart menus are a major update aimed to improve both the ease with which staff use and learn ROLLER POS as well as their efficiency when selling session based products.

This feature has been tested via an Early Access Program in a variety of different venues over the busy holiday period and has received great feedback. These Venues have experienced:

  • Improved transaction speed at POS
  • Simpler operation (& thus training) for staff
  • More than 40% reduction in the number of menu tabs per POS device

What are Smart Menus?

Up until now, a ROLLER POS menu containing session based products repeated the tickets for each session of the day, resulting in long pages and many menu tabs for selling each different session product.

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 4.29.36 pm

Designed and built to improve the ease and efficiency with which staff members sell session based products, smart menus reducing scrolling, menu switching and the overall number menus per POS device.

It introduces a new session selector at the top of the page which automatically presents the current session allows the Staff Member to scrolls horizontally through session times to view and sell tickets.

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 4.29.50 pm


Smart menu's have been created with a number of key new functionalities to provide venues with the ultimate flexibility:

  • Create POS tiles with or without images
  • Define the colour of titles, override the default Product & Ticket names
  • Manage the positioning of products
  • Add them to an existing POS device

Find out more

Read our knowledge base articles to find out more about Setting up a POS smart menu

Whats next

We will be evolving Smart Menu's to work for all Product types.