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Offset Your Expenses by Applying Fees for POS Purchases

Offset Your Expenses by Applying Fees for POS Purchases

In the ever-evolving landscape of the leisure and attraction industry, operational costs are rising, and operators are seeking solutions to maintain profitability without compromising the guest experience. ROLLER has just unveiled a powerful new feature that addresses this challenge – point of sale (POS) service fees. 

Understanding the challenge

Post-COVID economic shifts, escalating expenses, and rising labor costs have left venues grappling to retain reasonable profit margins. Traditional methods of adjusting ticket prices risk triggering undesired outcomes, such as decreased sales and diminished guest satisfaction. Applying a small service fee to each transaction is a simple way to offset rising expenses and your payment processing costs without increasing ticket prices.

Offsetting operational expenses

ROLLER customers already benefit from the online checkout fees that can be applied for each booking guests make.

Daniel Watkins, Owner and Operator of GC Wake and Aqua Parks, says that these online fees alone cover the cost of the ROLLER platform. 

With the booking fee, ROLLER is free for us.
Daniel Watkins, Owner and Operator


Now, being able to do the same with POS fees increases this revenue potential even further. With over 50% of ROLLER transactions made through point of sale, applying fees opens up a significant new income stream to offset the cost of running a business. This new feature is just one of the many ways ROLLER helps operators maintain profitability. 

The power of POS fees

Operators can set the below POS fees:

  • Card fees and/or;
  • Service fees (either a fixed or % amount)

There’s now a centralized place to manage all fees across online checkouts and POS, saving admin time for operators. Once configured, these fees will automatically apply and be clearly displayed for POS operators and on the guest’s receipt.

Learn more about configuring your fees here.

Get started

As the industry continues to evolve, ROLLER remains committed to empowering operators with the tools they need to succeed. ROLLER has many more exciting enhancements in store to help operators seamlessly manage their payments. 

To find out more about how ROLLER can help you increase profitability at your venue, get a demo today.