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New Online Waiver guest experience

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A better branded guest experience for Online Waivers.

Nobody truly loves waivers [except lawyers perhaps? 😬] however they're vital to the liability management of most attraction and entertainment businesses. ROLLER has a comprehensive digital solution that eliminates paper and enables venues to manage waivers seamlessly.

We've just implemented enhancements the online waivers experience.

Whats new?

We've learned lots from the hundreds of millions of waivers that ROLLER has collected from guests and implemented a few user experience enhancements targeted at improving the net completion rate, minor association rate and to improve the waivers brand association.

UX enhancements

Watch the video below of the updated online waiver process.


The main update is the enhance look and feel of the online waiver, however there is also a subtle change to the process of relating to minors. Guests are forced to make a selection with respect to adding a minor or not.

Previously no selection was required and feedback from venues has been that guests frequently arrive for their experience having completed a waiver, however they have not added minors.

Next Steps

There's nothing more you need to do - these enhancements have automatically been applied to your online waiver.